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EyeQ - Does it work?

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KPB Sat 27-Mar-04 16:32:45

DD aged 4.5 has a language disorder and possible AHDH. Does anyone have any experiences of EyeQ? It's just that I am going to try it on dd. How does it work and how long does it take to work? Any advice on this much appreciated.
My mum has also mentioned there is a cheaper alternative that works just as well????

Jimjams Sat 27-Mar-04 16:37:24

ds1 has been on various oils. If you read the thread "peace again" or something like that (in SN) you will see that for us it defintiely does work.

eidsvold Sun 28-Mar-04 09:02:28

i have found it works with dd ( down's syndrome) her concentration in particular has improved. ALthough EyeQ seems expensive. We bought a bottle in February and have been giving 5ml twice a day to dd and only ran out yesterday. SO when it gets down to one spoonful a day - I am sure it will last ages.

jac34 Sun 28-Mar-04 09:46:25

I've been giving it to my DS's for about 4 months now.They don't really seem any calmer, they are very active 5 yo's, but they do seem a bit less naughty and easier to reason with.
As for their school work, this does seem to be going very well.They are both on a more advanced reading books than the rest of their class, I've also been impressed recently with their retained knowledge, after I've explained somthing to them,
on the whole I'd say it proberbly is working.
Has any one else noticed how fast their hair and nails grow???? I think I'm cutting their hand and toe nails almost every week,so it must be doing them some good.

Trifle Sun 28-Mar-04 10:13:37

I was wondering the same thing as I have been giving it to my ds (4) for a few months now and cant really see much improvement. Boots do it in a liquid form (vanilla flavour) and have now bought out a new citrus flavour which I give to my ds in his morning apple juice. They currently have an offer on of 3 for the price of 2 and at £10 a bottle it is a hefty saving. It certainly isnt doing him any harm so am quite happy to continue with it for the time being although I did overhear the chemist in the shop tell a lady that once you start you have to keep up with it.

Kittypickle Sun 28-Mar-04 10:19:54

Since taking it DD (5) has made a huge improvement at school in all areas, her teacher keeps saying how well she is doing. She's got a problem with her motor skills and a few problems with her speech and is on the SN register. How much of this is due to Eye Q & how much due to a developmental spurt I have no idea, but I'm not stopping it now!

Jimjams Sun 28-Mar-04 10:31:25

judging form this thread so far- it appears that if your child is SN they may help a lot - if they're not then it may not make much difference........

KPB Sun 28-Mar-04 10:55:31

Thanks everyone for all of your positive comments. I am def. going to give it a go and will give you all an update. DD is just so hyper at the moment and the only alternative is Ritalin (which we werw offered) which we very kindly, but bluntly refused!!!!

HiddenSpirit Sun 28-Mar-04 11:11:14

I have been giving this to all 3 of my kids as they could all do with it. I noticed the change mostly in DS1 with his behaviour especially (seems he was concentrating more at school too). But I have forgotten to give them it for about a week now (insert blush smilie here) and boy can I tell that I haven't! DS1's behaviour is back as bad as it was before, so it does seem to work well here

I bought 3 bottles on Boot's last 3 for 2 offer (£20 for 3 bottles instead of £30) but when I next go to buy it, I will only buy the vanilla one as the kids weren't too keen to take the citrus one (I tasted it and I don't blame them, it was vile!)

Time for me to get back in the routine of giving them it every day!

binkie Sun 28-Mar-04 11:32:53

Might have posted this before, sorry if repeat. Friend of mine met & was chatting to serious child-education academic & reported he said (this was in the context of literacy but pretty interesting overall): "there are only three essentials:

- lots of sleep
- magnetic letters on the fridge
- fish oils"

Not EyeQ specifically but quite a resounding endorsement, don't you think?

RexandBen Sun 28-Mar-04 21:46:54

it definitely works for my DS who has autism. He is much calmer (loads less tantrums )since we started it and his speech has also really improved

KPB Mon 29-Mar-04 12:18:55

Feeling really positive and excited!!! How long does it take to notice the change? I mentioned it to dd's teacher today and we are going to speak after the holidays to see if there is any improvement. Strangely though it is only at home that her behaviour has deteriated at school the teacher said she is making excellent progress and responds well to the behaviour strategies!!!!!

HiddenSpirit Mon 29-Mar-04 21:33:11

KPB, I don't know if it was coincidence, but DS1's behaviour seemed to improve a bit within a week of starting EyeQ, then a bit more so each week. I say I don't know if it was coincidence as according to the instructions it can take 12 weeks for the oils to build up in their system (hence the reason it says to give 3 teaspoons for 12 weeks then 1 teaspoon per day). We have only been giving each of the kids 2 teaspoons per day (started giving them it again last night) and I'm sure it must be coincidence, but DS1's behaviour, while not the greatest, has been better today than it has been in the last week or so with not having it

neetsmassi Mon 29-Mar-04 21:53:51

What is the youngest age you can give it? My dd is nearly 4 - is that too young?

KPB Mon 29-Mar-04 21:56:05

Should be okay as my dd is only 4.5! Best to check with your GP if not too sure.

KPB Mon 29-Mar-04 22:01:06

One thing that is worrying me is that dd has had a bad flare up of her eczema over the past day or so. Only just started taking the EyeQ (3days)- could it be linked. It's just I thought that EyeQ was supposed to clear eczema up. Dd has had flare ups, as has ds, since she was born but this is quite bad.

Jimjams Mon 29-Mar-04 22:35:12

My 2 year old has it (well pro-efa its similar)

Probably not linked - as it will clear up dry skin type eczema (maybe not atopic so well). If it continues try switching brands to Efalex.

misdee Mon 29-Mar-04 22:41:02

it is possibly linked, but switching brands should hopefully help. but dd1 ezcema has flared up this week with the change of weather we are having. so not looking forward to summer

Chocol8 Mon 29-Mar-04 23:33:18

I started giving my 6 yo son IQ 12 weeks ago, he has ADHD and Asperger's. On 2 occasions, one more recently, I ran out...couldn't afford or couldn't find, either one. His behaviour deteriorated so drastically, it was like he was 2 again. He had 3 major tantrums - one resulted in me basically being beaten up and lasted for 40 minutes...quite easily one of the worst moments of my life.
I called Equazen and spoke to the managing director who explained that as the fatty acid in IQ is not manufactured naturally by the body, we all need it - some more than others like my son.
So, just a warning - do not suddenly stop the IQ incase you get this reaction too. Not recommended.

Chocol8 Mon 29-Mar-04 23:37:09

PS - Apparently, Boots pharmacy have received prescriptions in for IQ. It is an on and off occurance and you need to pick the correct time to get it on prescription. I certainly feel my son needs it and it is so son is on 4 a day. I am the one waiting for the shutters to go up when Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on vits!

HiddenSpirit Tue 30-Mar-04 00:06:45

KPB my youngest DS is 2 and he has it

I agree with Chocol8 on the stopping quickly! DS1's behaviour did deteriorate rather quickly, although he is not ADHD (well not that I'm aware of anyway)

robinw Tue 30-Mar-04 08:02:19

message withdrawn

lazyeye Tue 30-Mar-04 08:30:46

Seemed to give my 3yr old loose bum..........anyone else? Had to stop it before I could decide if there was an improvement.

juniper68 Tue 30-Mar-04 09:09:28

My mates son (6) gets DHA on prescription from his GP and he's improved 100% according to his teachers. I'm assuming it's the same thing or similar?

maryz Tue 30-Mar-04 10:03:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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