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1,2,3 magic for 4 year old with possible asd?

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Skimmingstones Sat 03-May-14 08:19:13

I am fully aware that some of ds's behaviours are sensory or anxiety based and I know that discipline is definitely not the way to deal with these. He is suspected to have asd and already diagnosed speech and language disorder and developmental delay.

But ds is fairly developmentally behind and is just starting the type of behaviour you see in most nt 2 year olds (he's 4.5). Lots of boundary testing, throwing things etc.

It is a years wait to asd assessment and I need to do something to deal with some of that behaviour. I've learnt an awful lot over the last couple of years about sensory issues and anxiety (mostly from reading on here!) and certainly would not be looking to discipline anything like that.

But for developmental boundary testing etc would a 1,2,3 magic approach be any good or any other ideas? Thanks

Meglet Sun 04-May-14 14:04:21

Yes to mentions of time out making things worse. I still say it when I'm worn out, probably because I think that's what a parent should do. But it doesn't work or help.

And bollocks to pasta pots, removal of toys, sanctions, rapid return at bedtime, How To Talk (turns out I wasted money on a book to tell me how I talked anyway), privileges if they behave etc.

Can you tell I'm parenting techniqued out grin.

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