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Stroopy shop assistants.

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Loobie Fri 19-Mar-04 22:15:01

While shopping for a mothers day prezzy for mum,with ds who's 8 and has autism,he was sittingon a ladder in a card shop while i looked at bits and pieces for mum.The shop assistant shouted across the shop very rudely"get off the ladder"which he ignored till i took him down.He went back on the step and she shouted to me"can you get him off the ladder now please"
I calmly took him down,put back what i was intending to buy saying i dont hink we'll buy anything in here and handed her a business card informing her that this child has autism.I handed her it saying that "it's too late to save my son but maybe next time a child comes in behaving less than perfect she may think twice before being so ignorant" and promply left the shop absolutely fuming.
I mean it was a school day and he was with me in the shop (as oppossed to being in school),with his coat around his head like a cocoon so did he look ok to her? obviously!!!

Rant over!!

lou33 Fri 19-Mar-04 22:17:01

Argh! I get sooo angry reading these awful stories with idiotic shop assistants and their horrible attitudes! Much admiration for the way you handled it tho Loobie. Hugs to you both {{{}}}.

lavender1 Fri 19-Mar-04 22:20:21

Cow, I bet she hasn't got any children; noone would ever talk to children like that if they knew about their behaviour!! she was mid 20's early 30's can imagine...people like that need serious training in the job on how to deal with anything!

Loobie Fri 19-Mar-04 22:26:38

No lavender she was a wrinkled old witch probably thinking that child should be in school!!(he was out after being physically assaulted by a member of teaching staff)or that children should be seen not heard and do what they're told when they're told.!!

coppertop Fri 19-Mar-04 22:31:51

How rude! Even if she hadn't realised that he wasn't NT that's no way to treat ANY customer! How dare she shout like that?? If she had a problem with ds she should have walked over and had a quiet word. This would have given you the opportunity to explain.

She sounds like she belongs to the "Children shouldn't even be seen" brigade.

Jimjams Fri 19-Mar-04 22:39:08

Well done for using the cards. I never know where I've out mine!

I didn't know your son was out- what happened? Is it long term?

lou33 Fri 19-Mar-04 22:44:34

Sadly, i suspect that if she is from the children should be seen and not heard brigade, then she will take absolutely no notice of the card. Can hear her now, saying that in her day it was just called defiance .

coppertop Fri 19-Mar-04 22:46:26

Oh yes. The "You shouldn't indulge him so much" brigade.

eidsvold Sat 20-Mar-04 07:55:55

Loobie - what a cow!! I would still take it further and write to the manager or Head Office of the store complaining about her. It makes me so angry that people can still be so rude and ignorant - that is without taking into account that your ds has autism - there is no need for speaking to people like that.

I thikn so many people forget that children are people too and need to be treated accordingly. SO many people think they can do and say what they like because it is only a child.

sobernow Sat 20-Mar-04 08:04:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RexandBen Sat 20-Mar-04 14:18:52

old cow.

Where do you get the cards from?

Davros Sat 20-Mar-04 16:15:12

They're from the NAS, very cheap. They also do ones specially for Aspergers. I always have some handy but tend to use verbal abuse more

Loobie Sun 21-Mar-04 21:34:31

Rex and ben they can be found here near to the bottom of the page.

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