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Transition to Junior School

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Opipjo Fri 04-Apr-14 14:32:48

Hi ya,
Not sure if i'm after advice or reassurance really (probably both).
My Son is in year 2, he has a diagnosis of ASD and his level of support is 'School Action'. The main struggle my DS has is with sitting still and listening, and calling out. Also his social skills...very 'in your face' not understanding of spacial awareness.

Unfortunately his school (mainstream) is just Infants, so waiting on hearing where his Junior school place will be. His infants is not catchment, and we wanted to keep him on the same site to go in to Juniors, so fingers crossed he gets in!

If you've been through have you and your children found the transition from Infants to Junior ?

Thanks smile

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 04-Apr-14 14:52:52

My son's transfer to Juniors was okay (but I was messed me around both hugely and unnecessarily with regards to the paperwork).

If your son has had outside agencies involved like for example a developmental paed, OT, SALT etc, then he should be on School Action Plus and not school action (that is the lowest level of support possible).

Do you have termly IEP meetings; what is his IEP like?.

Do you feel that his needs at school are being fully met; if not I would be applying directly to the LEA for a Statement on his behalf asap. How do you think he is going to manage at Junior school generally?. I ask as some of these places in particular can be very unforgiving.

Opipjo Fri 04-Apr-14 19:55:47

Thanks for the reply smile

He doesn't have outside agencies involved, Only had OT until Year R and discharged from SALT last year.

We do have termly IEP's, they've also started preparing an... IPA? (i think it is) to pass on to the Junior School.

Currently i know his needs are being met, his teacher previously worked in an Autism unit for a few years so that gave me good confidence! She's reassured me that they will ensure they'll provide lots of info and have meetings with the Junior school.
I just worry so much about him, all the time.

I'm going to be at the ready to jump in and make a noise if i don't feel his needs are being met.

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