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final evidence now done - now i wait....

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bjkmummy Wed 02-Apr-14 16:23:18

posted the tribunal bundle today - cost me £11!!!

getting dh to hand deliver the LA one to reception tomorrow at 4pm ish as the deadline is 5pm tomorrow

now the worry and doubt that ive done enough etc starts - my bundle was 300 pages long and it just doesnt feel like it was enough even though the LA dont have a single report and their case so far is she doesnt meet the criteria and thats it.

heard nothing more about the EP coming in from the school - did say send me the paperwork but no paperwork has come so LA wont get an EP report now i guess.

im worrying about what they may send back tomorrow - we must be due the next lot of NC levels and i have a feeling thats whats going to happen and school have handed them over to the LA. ive pre empted that one by getting her tested by the dyslexia teacher.

im also wondering now if the LA do have anything - how they will send it to me - doubt it will be a doorstep visit grin

2boysnamedR Wed 02-Apr-14 20:36:23

Your refusal to asses? I got nothing back at refusal or after sa was complete.

Good luck, it's draining but each step is in the right direction

bjkmummy Wed 02-Apr-14 21:26:55

yes refusal to assess - I don't know if I will get anything or not tomorrow. they have been awfully quiet for the last 2 weeks - too quiet really which un nerves me slightly.

how long before you LA concede 2boys? im about 4 weeks away now from the hearing

2boysnamedR Thu 03-Apr-14 15:54:36

I put in my request in sept, they refused, I appealed within two weeks, tribunal set for April, they conceded in jan.

Now I'm round two! About the appeal the nil.

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