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Playtime help for Ds

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Skylar123 Tue 01-Apr-14 09:35:32

Can I get your view on this.
Ds has started to 'school refuse' more regularly again. He has been expressing not wanting to play outside and asking me if he can come home for playtimes or go in after lunch .
He has told me that he waits on the so called buddy stop and no one comes, just walk by and look at him. He seems far more worried about playtime than lunchtime and has told me at playtime he has no time to find a friend as it is very quick and at lunchtime he can stay with his lunch buddy who he goes to lunch earlier with to avoid the rush and noise if dinner hall however sometimes lunch buddy runs away. He said it makes him feel sad but he doesn't care.
School have put things in place such as social skills club, breaks during school lessons, Ds in morning if he gets in to school early enough, and early lunch with buddy. They also give him a chance to go to the reception playground which he doesn't do. He can choose someone to go with him.
I'm quite cross that the buddy stop system isn't being implemented properly, Ds has told me many times he stands there alone and no one comes and I can't understand why Ds is left floundering when a specific adult is supposed to be watching out for him, tbh according to Ds this adult is not even in playground.
I'm going to talk to senco today, am I asking too much that someone is watching over Ds at playtimes or at least telling the older kids that if a child is at buddy stop help them don't ignore them.

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