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please help me decode this ADOS assessment

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finefatmama Mon 31-Mar-14 02:32:14

ds2 had an ADOS assessment (module 3) as he had been suspected of having a semantic pragmatic disorder which he doesn't.

his report however states "The ADOS assessment identified significant difficulties in ...'s social communication. However, he demonstrated significant strengths with his social interaction and imagination skills...was unaware of negation and constantly failed to comprehend the negative within sentences...must be finding learning difficult when negatives are used...very impulsive throughout and often responded before target sentences were presented..."

sentence comprehension 50th percentile with everything else in the 85th to 99th percentile. According to the final report, he doesn't meet the criteria for a social communication disorder diagnosis so he was discharged and I'm trying to make sense of this report on my own. this was the last assessment before the SALT retired.

how does a child have limited social communication but good social interaction?

I'd like to meet with the school to discuss strategies to help with his impulsive behaviour at school but not sure what tell them. should we all rephrase our sentences or are there ways to teach him to pick up on negation in his comprehension and control himself?

if his sentence comprehension is so different from his semantic decisions, inferential comprehension, syntactic formulation etc, (not a clue what these are) is he learning ok or does it take a while to sink in properly after he has probably carried out the wrong instructions in the first instance? his new teacher is not sure what to make of him yet as he's brilliant at some things like literacy and she can't get much out of him in other areas.

adrianna1 Mon 31-Mar-14 10:47:18


Does he have a suspected learning disability.... how old is your DS?

I assumed social communication is an umbrella term, which has social interaction as part of it.

What do you think his needs are? and how do you feel about him not meeting the criteria for pragmatic disorder?

nonicknameseemsavailable Mon 31-Mar-14 11:11:54

I have no experience so can't really help but I would say that it is a positive they have identified a smaller area that he has problems with as presumably this means if you can find another SALT (was it NHS or private?) then they will be able to target any therapy in the right area unless I am misunderstanding.

He quite possibly has developed stronger skills in some areas to try and compensate for the problems he has.

wasuup3000 Mon 31-Mar-14 11:44:06

The ADOS is only a guide/tool it is good at picking up some ASD in some children but can miss those children who are not "aloof" some children's interactions with Adults can be innapropriate and over friendly who have ASD and I personally think this is where the ADOS is weak.

wasuup3000 Mon 31-Mar-14 11:45:46

You need to ask the SaLT to do a TALC assessment.

PolterGoose Mon 31-Mar-14 16:43:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

finefatmama Tue 01-Apr-14 01:40:12

Thank you everyone.

ds2 is 7 yrs old. It was initially suggested that he might have a semantic pragmatic disorder which has now been ruled out. teacher thinks he's restless, very easily distracted and appears to be turned off by lots of praise or the chance to have his work displayed.

polter, he will happily hold a one-sided conversation about a topic he likes. if the other party tries to tell their side, he's likely to return to his narrative and begin his sentence with "anyway..." as though their attempt to join the conversation was an unwelcome interruption. he reads widely and got a book called 'It's raining Cat and Dogs' a couple of years ago so is familiar with many expressions.

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