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Is this normal for ados test and observation in school?

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exmrs Sat 29-Mar-14 21:20:15

Basically son assessed at 3 for autism but they said no although he scored in some areas

Now he is 7 and I pushed for him to be reassessed after they said no, he has been on waiting list for 9 months and I got a letter on Friday to say ados test is on Thursday so not much notice and I possibly can't do this day due to various reasons. I phoned up to see if I could re arrange and was told if he didn't have ados then they wouldn't know when they could re arrange and it would be at least 2 months and from the sound of the woman they didn't know if they could fit him in.

I'm a bit annoyed I have been given less than a weeks notice for something so important and basically told if he doesn't come then don't know when it could be re arranged.

They also told me after I asked is this all they doing or are they going to be doing observations in school and me talking to do the developmental history like before and I was told they probably already done the observation. I haven't been informed they were going to do one and school haven't informed me and I have had issues in the past with them not keeping me up to date.

When I queried why I wasn't informed I was told they just liaise with school on the best day to go in and they don't like the child to know they being observed .
Another thing I find odd I am not getting a chance to discuss aboutM y son and the last developmental history was done when he was 3 , he 7 and half and I have video footage for people to look at .

So they just doing the ados and the observation, I'm not getting a chance to say how it is , I feel they are cutting corners as they don't believe he has autism

Does any of this sound normal like getting less than weeks notice and no chance to discuss with anyone?

exmrs Sat 29-Mar-14 21:26:08

I should add when I say say my sons name the tone of the person changes and this lady when I phoned said my sons name had been discussed. I just feel I'm the mum who wants something wrong with my son and they humouring me and trying to make things more difficult for me and not allowing me me to present any evidence

Handywoman Sat 29-Mar-14 21:57:43

Oh no how stressful! Firstly it sounds as though you were liaising with an admin person. This person will not be making the final decision about how this will progress from here. I would imagine they will need to take a further developmental history because social communication aged 4 wi be critical to the assessment: they don't yet have this information. So the school observation may well go ahead as planned, this is often carried out by a SALT. A report will be written and will form part of the assessment. What a shame thy called at such short notice - par for the course with many parts of the NHS - organisation is often not their strong point. Hope a full assessment can be arranged for your ds soon.

Skylar123 Sat 29-Mar-14 22:44:05

Will they not have a discussion with you whilst your son is having ADOS and then discuss between them and give you feedback.
We have our ADOS assessment next week, I have not filled out a questionnaire but will discuss Ds with paed during appointment, I have also made a list of difficulties and behaviours. Good luck for Thursday.

Skylar123 Sat 29-Mar-14 22:47:19

Ps ) I do think they should have informed you that SALT would be going in to school. The salt actually rang me herself and told me when she would be visiting Ds, not the school.

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