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Educational psychologist assessment (statement)

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adrianna1 Thu 27-Mar-14 17:23:22

Hi Guys :D

Ok, I have a bit of a dilemma with this statement process...

Luckily I have a very good friend who is an educational psychologist.... oh before I forget... do you have to put your child's diagnosis on the statement? I say this because...after my son's recent diagnosis of ASD I have been looking at many ASD provisions and Speech provisions as he has a severe language delay...

With the ASD provisions, even though they have a speech therapist, they mainly focus on behaviours i.e. sensory, stimming, routine, basic communication levels, play. Whereas the language units focus on language, play skills, communication mainly.

Even though my son has an ASD diagnosis, he only fits the language and social communication delays...he has no issues with routine, sensory etc etc.

So I asked my good friend who is an educational psychologist about my son's needs etc. She told me that it depends on the educational psychologists statement for my son, if they think his issues are mainly to do with language..they would write it on the statement and may recommend a speech unit...if they think his issues are due to his autism, then autism unit would be written down. Though as a parent I can make any changes...

Is my friend correct, but what about his ASD diagnosis...would it be on the statement?

Oh... I would really love my son to go to the ICAN meath school...but...I'm going to take one step at a time and put my son a provision and see how he progresses during that year..

autumnsmum Thu 27-Mar-14 17:53:53

A school isn't Named on your draft statement only on the final one when dd2 got her draft the space for a school was blank

armani Thu 27-Mar-14 18:25:45

depends what your dcs primary need is? What affects his learning the most? the la will tend to go with the cheapest option imo.... although this might not be your experience.
if you disagree with the la EPs recomendations you have the right to appeal the statement to sendist and obtain your own independent advice.

Naelith Thu 27-Mar-14 23:10:46

My dd has a host of dx's and everyone of them is named on statement as a need she has asd, selective mutism, SPD and generalised anxiety disorder to name a few. Even though she has asd which is named on her statement it isn't her primary need the anxiety disorder effects her more than any of her other difficulties. The school she is at was chosen once we had all the evidence in and was chosen for the anxiety hope that helps

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