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DFG approved for level access bathroom. Ideas or suggestions please!

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Toots38 Wed 26-Mar-14 17:28:33

Hooray, we've had our DFG approved for a level access bathroom for DD. Our OT is being very vague about what is provided " I think it's an electric shower" . I am trying to see what's available out there as I would love her to have the option of a bath or shower. Dd does not get immersed in water often as she cannot get any in her mouth ( unsafe swallow) so swimming is nigh on impossible. Therefore I'd like her to be able to carry on having a bath safely. I think I have seen these bath pod type things with shower heads above them.
Has anyone got any recommendations of things they have at home or have used elsewhere?

Redoubtable Wed 26-Mar-14 22:52:35

What is your child's age/diagnosis?

Do you have in mind one of the 'sit-in' bath type unit that the person is supported in?
Like this?

Would a reclining bath seat work?
That could work in a standard bath with a shower unit over. But you wouldl still need to consider the manual handling of lifting her in/out of the bath.

Spend lots of time planning and go to visit houses that have been adapted, to see exactly what will work for you. It's like tailors say 'measure twice and cut once'. You don't want this to be wrong.

Toots38 Thu 27-Mar-14 16:55:01

Hey Redoubtable thank for the response. We have a reclining bath seat already it's not ideal for DD. She's 3 at the mo with low muscle tone but a strong will! I was thinking of something more like the bath pods you see advertised on afternoon tv in between Bergerac or similar program's... They are aimed at elderly people though. Hmm, I don't know anyone to visit who has had something similar done. Maybe I will hit google in a big way and see what I can find.

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