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Son not getting the speech therapy that is in part 3 of his Statement.

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spikeymikie Wed 26-Mar-14 12:08:30

My son's amended statement was finalised in early February. It included in part 3, quantified and specified input from a speech therapist. This has not started because the speech therapist who works at my son's school (employed by health) is not able to do it (doesn't have experience/training). School want to discuss it at his next annual review in 6 weeks time. The LA have been told by school that she can't do it but have done nothing about it. We have contacted the LA and have told them to provide a speech therapist who can do it. How long should we give them to sort it out?

armani Wed 26-Mar-14 13:07:08

hmmm.... a swift stern email to the la might do the trick. dont forget to set a date when u expect the therapy to start otherwise your solicitor may consider judicial review. good luck.

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