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Parents of deaf children, advise please

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mummy2bears Tue 25-Mar-14 13:58:24

Hello, my daughter age 6 has moderate- severe sensory- neural loss, she wears bilateral aids. She is a fairly confident character and despite the ongoing problems with school I've posted about before she's progressing pretty well at school.
The problem is she misheard a lot of things and will not accept it when I tell her the correct pronunciation. It's frustrating for us both. This morning she said to me " mummy did you know that the plague caused death, like me I'm death" me " no honey you're deaf, not death" but she can't hear the difference, she was adamant that the two words are the same just spelt differently like their and there. I tried to explain I was just trying to help but she's very stubborn and it ended up with her yelling " I am death, you don't know anything, I am death" all the way to school which was funny and frustrating all at once!

Has anyone had this problem how can I help her? I don't want her friends laughing at her for getting things wrong, on one particularly memorable occasion she sang loudly about " cockers" not cockers in church smile

mummy2bears Tue 25-Mar-14 14:04:48

Cockers not conkers, is what I meant to say smile

chocolatecakeystuff Tue 25-Mar-14 22:07:27

Yup :-D Me & DD have these arguements all the time! We have the "cockers" argument, and "club" is another word she really stuggles with despite constant correction she's adament she's right, it comes out as glub - Does she have FM aidsl? I've found them amazing as they cut out all the back ground noise. and a good SALT programe is essential

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