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reusable/cloths nappies for older children

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chocgalore Sun 23-Mar-14 12:25:18

Dd is 6 and still not dry at night. getting fed up with the cost of the nappies and wondered about reusable nappies. quick google did not bring up much.

does anybody use them? can you give me some links?


bochead Sun 23-Mar-14 16:44:59

bochead Sun 23-Mar-14 17:03:28

This lady will make them for you in all sizes up to very obese adult if needed, so don't scared to give her a ring with your requirements, even if they seem odd. (e.g fabrics to use, any seam sensitivities etc). She's been going a few years, (I found her when my lad was a newborn!)so may even have some useful hints and tips. I can say her products last well as the baby nappies I used are now on their 3rd bum!

chocgalore Sun 23-Mar-14 18:42:52

thanks a lot, boc. will have a good look.

strange question - do you change the fabric nappy after every wear (we need it for bedwetting only)? or can you wear it a couple of times and only change the liner?
I am totally clueless blush

AlarmOnSnooze Sun 23-Mar-14 19:00:56

Have a look at eBay too. I got some FuzziBunz for my lot, in sizes not readily available here. Even shipped from the States they were a reasonable price (about £10 each from memory).

Depending on size of 6 year old, you could have a couple of options - take. Look at Real Easy nappies too. I have also had a small, slim 6 yer old in Charlie Bananas, sized ones in large.

As regarding changing - it spends on type and frequency of use. Eg pocket nappies like FuzziBunz or Charlie Bananas I change everything each time as it's a bit like wearing extra padded pants, iyswim. But ds is in two part nappies (motherease nappies with motherease covers) and I don't always change the cover part each time, unless dirty.

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