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do you think my dh might have aspabergers

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jogalong Fri 21-Mar-14 22:22:14

Ds has just been diagnosed with autism and it's making me think my dh might have aspbergers. He is just so distant, can't make eye contact and finds social situations so difficult.
My husband thinks I'm somewhere on the spectrum but to be honest I switched off emotionally years ago. Anytime I made an advance towards my husband I was pushed away. I feel totally unsupported and on my own really. With my dh it's either on his terms or not at all
I'm just so fed up with him now. Social situations are a disaster and he makes them so awkward, that's if he goes in the first place. Usually I'm left to go by myself.
Sorry for the long rant. Feeling very down at the moment. Nite

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