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Help with a Mainstream Primary School in NI for High Functioning ASD DD.

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Meridathemummy Fri 21-Mar-14 15:52:58

We have a 6 year old DD with High Functioning ASD and probably soon to be diagnosed ADHD. The Ed Psy has advised that the information from the Senco advises that she does not require a Statement.
Her experience of school has been rough to date. She attends a mainstream school known for its academic pursuit with very little in the way of pastoral care or special needs support. She suffers significant social anxiety and finds it difficult to understand why she has no close friends at the school. Her class of 29 has about 30% special needs or behavioral issues. There is no sense of community at the school so communication among the parents is quite limited. Every year the teaching staff have complained about her behaviour. However last year there was a "scissor" altercation in the class that ended with DD going to AE. All 4 adults in the room at the time did not see the incident nor the preceding glue incident. This year DD had a meltdown which ended with her complaining that she did "not want to go back to that class or that school" because her teacher was shouting at her and the other kids were copying the teacher.
When we looked at the school options nearby we found places difficult to get and so in desperation investigated the Prep sector with the idea that the smaller class sizes may be beneficial. However the Prep does not have much in the way of special needs and they made it clear that they would be concerned if DD would upset the existing pupils in the class although they have offered her a place.
Today she has come home and had another meltdown complaining that everybody at school hates her!
We are very unsure how to proceed. If any Mumsnetters out there can make us aware of any schools in the South Eastern Education and Library Board or Belfast Education and Library Board in NI. We would appreciate any word of mouth advise, TIA.

KimberlyMicado Fri 21-Mar-14 16:21:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KimberlyMicado Fri 21-Mar-14 16:43:22

I've also sent you a pm

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