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5 year old dd always on the go

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pinkfluffyslippers01 Tue 18-Mar-14 13:24:40

hi im looking for some opinions / advice

im blessed to have 3 children, the eldest is 5 year old dd.
for a while ive been wondering if this is normal 5 year old normal behaviour or if it's something more.
I dont know if im being paranoid due to me having behavioural problems as a child or if im over thinking how she behaves.

she is generally a well behaved child who had no developmental delays / major concerns, all checks 'developing well in all areas' health visitor only comments about her is that she talks for her younger brother (he had speech delays and some of it was put down to dd talking for him) and that she can be a bit bossy and very took a long time for us to get her to eat meat. nursery / school never had any concerns about her that I know of.

since learning to talk she has never stopped, counting singing talking shouting etc etc. she spoke sentences from young age and alot of people were shocked at how she knew things/asked things etc. she loves learning.

my concerns? are that she can be very overwhelming, if someone visits or we go somewhere it is impossible to have a conversation with people/ dp she will take over the room jumping shouting silly noises hooting and climbing on things / getting too close to people/ in their faces run off / not listen.

she plays with other children but has a tendency to take over, she chooses what to play and how it will be played if other child / adult doesnt agree then she will have tantrum and go and do her own thing / sulk.

she doesn't sleep very well its mainly getting her to sleep that is the problem.

I thought it might be that she wants more attention but we give them equal alone time with us and time all together.playing / activities /learning etc.

am I being paranoid ? is this normal / a developmental phase?

any advice appreciated x

pinkfluffyslippers01 Tue 18-Mar-14 13:37:08

also if she is told off (not shouted at) she says oww that hurts my ears ?? x

ouryve Tue 18-Mar-14 16:12:26

Does anything here ring a bell?

pinkfluffyslippers01 Tue 18-Mar-14 19:56:40

a couple of things do but nothing jumps out at me.

constantly in motion - she usually is unless doing an activity such as beads or crafts as she loves them.

in peoples faces / spaces

she is quite clumsy but not overly

she drags her words sometimes despite being fluent talker so this could be grumpiness tbh

handwriting is ok sometimes writes g backwards and o instead of a but her handwriting has progressed in last few months.

she overreacts to some sounds

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