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Cost for each provision / Question for Meeting please

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LindiRioni Tue 18-Mar-14 01:43:30

Hello All,
I gave ABA report, Private SALT report, and response letter from Fiona and express my firm request for ABA Home programme integrating to local mainstream school to LEA last Friday. Now, let’s wait for another 3 weeks to hear from them. I hope it will be good news but I know it won’t be. lol
Just to add to this, my little boy is ASD / 4.5 Years old. He is non-verbal. he is making progress enormously within 8-9 months of ABA Vb. He was offered for ASD Unit / attached to mainstream school. The unit is require transport and about 8 mile from home(20mins Drive.)
In the main time I just doing my research and prepare work to fight back. I have done so far are
1.Putting the progress of little one from Video – Before and after.
2.Pencilled the date for Peter (Ed Psy) to come and do assessment at the end of June. if I need him. if not I can cancel this.
3.Update his progress on ABA.
4.Write down the script, what I need to say to the in the next meeting. Possible question & Answers to LEA.
Can you anyone else thinks of anything that I should be doing until then. I am feeling like I can’t stop thinking, looking and worrying.
Another thing is in the last post someone advise me to ask LEA about costing/ They don’t like to talk about that here in Cardiff LEA. I just like to know roughly which provision is cost more than the other and rough cost. This is excluding any SALT or OT.
1.Special need school + ( School bus 5 mile, , 15 mins drive)
2.ASD unit + Travelling ( Taxi for 8 mile, 20 mins drive)
3.Mainstream with 1:1
4.Can anyone happy to reveal the cost for typical ABA home programme please ?
Many thanks to everyone and sorry that it is a bit long.

ouryve Tue 18-Mar-14 09:28:39

You can find the rough costs per pupil, plus details of SN budgets etc if you do a section 251 search for your LA. You may have to be creative with your search terms if you want to find the exact and most recent one, mind.

LindiRioni Wed 19-Mar-14 08:32:45

Thank you ouryve ,

I try to search and found something but it was very Confusing.

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