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Problem with vision identified at 6 week check

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MurtleTheTurtle Mon 17-Mar-14 14:05:45

I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate section to post I'm afraid so apologies if it is the wrong section.

Ds4 was 7 weeks old on Saturday, we went for our 6 week check on Friday and the doctor has referred us on due to a potential problem with his vision.

She noticed right away that he wasn't making eye contact with her. She waved a bright red toy in front of his face several times (lying down and with me holding him in anymore upright position) and he didn't follow it at all.

I had not noticed this and now I am really worried. If I wave my hand in front of his face his eyes do not react - but he is so young, are they supposed to at this age? I've also noticed now that he doesn't really look at me when I give him a bottle. He does look at me sometimes when I speak, but is he turning in the direction of my voice? I just don't know.

DH thinks he is ok as he has seen him appear to track his finger moved in front of his face, but not consistently enough to reassure me completely.

Does this sound like an issue to anyone or am I worrying needlessly? Despite having 4 children I really cannot remember what the others were like at this age to form a comparison.

I've no idea how long the referral will take. If a problem is identified then at least we'll know what we're dealing with, but in the meantime I'm left worrying.

Thank you.

troutsprout Mon 17-Mar-14 15:55:22

Bumping for you for evening crowd
Hope someone can help

wannaBe Mon 17-Mar-14 16:01:18

I would say that if the gp is sufficiently concerned to make a referral then go with that and see what happens both in the meantime and during iyswim. At this age while babies may not always make eye contact, they do generally show visual interest in objects in front of them e.g. bright toys etc.

If you place him on a changing table next to a window, does he turn toward it? e.g. does he turn towards the light?

I am personally visually impaired and it was my lack of focus which triggered the dx process i.e. I failed to show interest in objects in front of me. I did however have light perception as a baby which was what made it harder to spot, because I used to turn towards light, so there was no concern until I was approx. three months old.

MostWicked Mon 17-Mar-14 16:27:42

Movement and high contrast is easier to see than making eye contact so that might explain why he is able to see some things but not others.
If the GP has picked up on a problem, then go with that. Vision can change a lot in childhood, so problems picked up earlier, may be able to be improved, depending on the condition, so the referral is a good thing.

mebaasmum Mon 17-Mar-14 16:28:45

Both my children are visually impaired. Older one never tracked. He did turn to light. I remember thinking he was looking at me the realised I was under a light bulb. His visual impairment was picked up at birth. DS 2,s was picked. Up at birth.
They both had congenital cataracts.. one is partially sighted thee other now has near normal vision with contact lenses.
They both do everything you would expect. Ride bikes, read get into mischeif. Go to the park with friends. Ski, swim, can be a pain in the backside etc. My older son will never be able to drive. And reads large print but like most of us dfoes most of his work on a laptop.
Hopefully the referral will come through soon. If they do have a visual problem ask to be revered to your local visual impairment teacher asap. They can give lots of invaluable help and Will come andc and see you at home.
Its good things have been picked up.

mebaasmum Mon 17-Mar-14 16:34:56

Forgot to add some baby's have what they call delayed visual maturity. Their eyes can be a bit slow to switch on.
The above post should read my older sons visual problems were picked up at 6 weeks.
If they do find a visual problem do make sure he is seen at a centre that specializes in children's eyes. Not sure where in the country you are

MurtleTheTurtle Mon 17-Mar-14 17:11:10

Thank you so much for your responses. I just can't believe I didn't notice sooner that he wasn't really looking at me.

He also doesn't really smile other than in response to physical contact such as stroking his cheek which also makes me think he isn't seeing properly.

He doesn't seem to turn towards the light either.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond, fingers crossed the referral comes through fairly quickly.

Geneticsbunny Mon 17-Mar-14 18:01:25

Hi. We have just come back from the orthoptics department at the hospital and my DS has been diagnosed with delayed visual maturity. They did a test where the doctor sat in a spinny office chair and held DS facing her and then span round a couple of times. Whilst spinning DS tried to look at the room and sort of looked side to side but once she stopped he looked at her. She said that babies who can't see very much tend to keep looking side to side once the chair stops. Hope this helps?

MurtleTheTurtle Mon 17-Mar-14 18:26:52

Thank you for that, it's really helpful. If vision is just 'delayed' does that mean what it suggests? I.e. That it can catch up and there will / may be some vision in future? You've given me something to google anyway so thank you.

bishboschone Mon 17-Mar-14 23:09:27

My son had delayed visual maturation . In his case his eyesight didn't turn on and he has glasses but sees very well. ( it's a non issue ) . But I was told some babies eyesight just turns on one day . There is a Facebook page for Dvm I am on .

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