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iPad apps for Severe Speech Disorder please...

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BreadAndJamForFrances Sun 16-Mar-14 00:47:59

My son is 10 and has a Severe Phonological Speech Disorder, some
characteristics of Verbal Dyspraxia and issues with breath control,
fluency and articulation.
He also has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type, which means his
jaw, along with all other joints, is unstable and his muscle tone is
poor, with weaknesses in his mouth and tongue.
He is very short-sighted.

His main speech problems are:
Not being able to produce all the speech sounds, still struggling with R and L, most others still not consistent, although able to produce if modelled.
Missing syllables from words, eg. lay bir for lady bird, and weak syllables such as te-a-i-un for television.
Missing endings and beginnings off words, not consistently.
Substituting one sound for another, but not consistently, eg. 'cup' could be dup or tup or cup.
Not hearing rhymes, eg. he doesn't realise that the rhyming words in simple stories such as The Gruffallo actually rhyme and that is why it is funny....he has only ever made two rhymes himself, ever.
In a conversation his speech gets far worse...the words flow into one another and there is no definition.
His language skills, however, are great!

3 years ago he had a hearing test which was apparently borderline
hearing loss, but despite him having problems hearing in certain
situations (sports halls, crowds, loud tv/music)

[ and it has occurred to me that he shouts far louder than is necessary if I have, for example, the food mixer or radio on and he wants to talk to me, as if he cannot judge the volume appropriately ]

it was deemed he needed no treatment.
DS has had weekly targeted group speech therapy for two years up until last September, and then has had weekly 1-2-1 therapy with the specialist, as well as 2 1/2 years of weekly sessions of private therapy alongside. Before this, he had the usual 5 group sessions every 6-9 months.

He was seen this week by the head Speech Therapist as his usual (Specialist) Speech Therapist had concerns on where to go next, and she is sending him for another hearing test asap.
I am almost hoping that something is picked up because that will give us some new hope that his speech will improve. He works so hard at his therapy sessions and at home practicing. It is heart breaking that he cannot even say a simple sentence without being understood.
She also has told us DS's speech IS being affected by his EDS, we had thought it must be, but paed. had said "no".
His usual speech therapist is making up a booklet for him, with common phrases he needs in it.
They are going to refer DS to adult services.
They also feel an iPad would be beneficial, so I am going to apply to the Family Fund (first time) but I have no idea what apps to put on it (or to ask for if it even comes with any!) so if anyone could give me some pointers I would be very grateful.

I need names, what the app does etc. please smile
(I have put the free version of Grid Player on my iPhone for him, and he likes playing with that, but has not used it to 'speak' yet.)

Bilberry Sun 16-Mar-14 10:02:54

Say yes is quite fun free app - just records a short snippet and you can play it back fast/slow - not fancy but gets them to listen to what they say. I've been using phonic/reading apps which wouldn't work for a 10-year old. My salt suggested articulation station which basically records them saying/reading words/phrases/stories with the target sound at the beginning/middle/end so they can listen to playback. It looked good for therapy but a bit boring for a 4 year old and adds up in price when you by a lot of sounds.

Sorry - not a lot of help!

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