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problems residential sixth form

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needhelp56 Fri 14-Mar-14 14:26:31

Hi name change
Ds1 attends a residential 6th form. They live like a student hall of residence. Shared kitchen. Single or double study bedrooms. DS has been increasingly aggressive. (Asd) We have discovered several problems. 1 inappropriate sexual contact from room mate.2 Not coping with stresses on communal living so if other students say he hasn't done the washing up and he has he gets very angry. 3) If his personal space in the room is encroached on he copes for a bit then lashes out. 4) not coping with teasing.
This isn't an ass specific school and tbh the often don't seem to have a clue. Though the sell themselves as having lots of pupils on the spectrum.
What to do. 1st about inappropriate contact. We already had a go at the school telling them they had safeguarding issues, duty of care and child protection problems.
+ what to put in place to help coping with communal living.
Incidentally his key worker is on long term sick leave.
Due to do AS leaves in May so although part of me would pull him out in a flash its not so easy.

ouryve Fri 14-Mar-14 14:34:53

Put your concerns to the school in writing, so they can't claim you never told them.
Go to the police with your DS about the sexual assault.

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