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Hurrah(ish): we got a referral!

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Levi174517 Fri 14-Mar-14 11:12:17

DH went to the doctors to ask for a referral for DD who shows clear signs of ASD. DS has a diagnosis and grandad has Aspergers. I suspect DH is on the spectrum too

We had a list of traits we feel show she at the very least warranted investigating. I had to go to school so he also had a statement from me.

It took 45 minutes. The GP said the fact other family members are on spectrum is irrelevant as there's no proof it's genetic. He wouldn't look at the examples we had to hand and kept insisting that 90% of behavioural problems are the result of lazy parenting. Finally he did agree to refer DD to a child psychologist.

Obviously I'm happy we've got a referral but I'm a bit deflated that it was a battle. I'm also not sure a CP is the right referral as it makes it seem to me they think its not a developmental problem but a mental health issue. I'm absolutely not judging anyone with a mental health problem but I'm concerned about wasting time going down the wrong diagnosis path.

Will we have to fight this hard every step of the way? Actually if the answer is yes I think I'd prefer to remain in ignorance

<I'm tempted to look for a different GP surgery>

OneInEight Fri 14-Mar-14 11:42:13

In truth the GP is the least important person in the process so as long as he has made the referral it really does not matter if he is convinced or not. The journey did take a long time for us but it was a matter of waiting for appointments to come through rather than being dismissed by the professional. Hope you have an easier path.

StarlightMcKingsThree Fri 14-Mar-14 11:48:07

Call the GPs office and ask them where your child has been referred. Then call THEM and ask if that is the appropriate pathway for a ASD Dx.

Write down a list of all relevant red flags with real life examples and send it to GP for their file, perhaps recorded delivery!?

This 'evidence' is unlikely to be ignored if it could later lead to accusations.

Levi174517 Fri 14-Mar-14 11:58:49

Thank you for your replies.

Call the GPs office and ask them where your child has been referred. Then call THEM and ask if that is the appropriate pathway for a ASD Dx.

You know I would have sat here until Christmas and never would think to do that! Brilliant idea smile

I did contact a local ASD charity who stated that the referral path here is to refer to the Complex Communications Diagnosis Service. It's possible the CP would refer on to them and it might be quicker than trying to get stubborn GP to change his mind.

I'm also tempted to chase the proper referral with a different GP at the surgery. The one we saw is the most senior and unless looks are deceiving close to retirement so I'd worry about another GP "following the uparty line".

<irrelevant of what happens I think we need to register with a different surgery>

I will also send him the paperwork by recorded delivery so they have it on file.

Would I be overstepping the boundaries to copy whomever DD will be referred to?

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