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And the price for the most stupid LA goes to...

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babiki Thu 13-Mar-14 17:06:41

My LA! After 5 weeks of delay received final statement. We want SS. They named local MS. I was plesantly surprised they changed most of the text as I suggested. Until.... I deleted 20 hours 1-1 since there is no 1-1 at SS. They left the hours deleted and named MS, so now we have final statement for MS with no 1-1 for a child with GDD in nappies, no sense of danger, severe food aversion etc etc. There are just no words to describe these people..

salondon Thu 13-Mar-14 17:22:09

Do we live in the same east london LA by any chance?

TOWIE2014 Thu 13-Mar-14 17:50:47

Babiki - same LA did that on my DS Statement too - removed the 1:1 and named an inappropriate MS school - although that did have a SALT unit even tho DS's primary need is/was not SALT. hmm

They really have no idea.

Guess you will be appealing?

babiki Thu 13-Mar-14 18:04:49

Salondon, no, but very close...

Towie, yes, in my fury I've sent the papers already...

Do you think they are really so stupid, or it's an innocent mistake, or they are being vindictive?

TOWIE2014 Thu 13-Mar-14 18:08:00

A medium bit of first and a very large dollop of the third. With this LA NEVER the 2nd.

Good luck!

babiki Thu 13-Mar-14 18:14:06

Thanks Towie, at least it's not me then smile

chocgalore Thu 13-Mar-14 18:19:49

I bet they think they did something very clever though.

good luck with your appeal!

babiki Thu 13-Mar-14 21:06:24

Thanks chocgalore, yes I bet they feel smart.

xmasShark Thu 13-Mar-14 21:13:22

mine placed ABA in a child statement and in appeal said it was a simple copy and paste error from another statement and they assumed it was another child's statement!

But certainly doesn't beat yours...Good luck with the appeal!

babiki Thu 13-Mar-14 21:15:48

wow that's a good one too! Thanks!

Icimoi Thu 13-Mar-14 22:35:23

I bet the school's going to love them, being expected to cope without funding for a 1:1.

babiki Thu 13-Mar-14 22:40:10

Icimoi, yes, maybe it will be fairies feeding him and changing nappies and making sure he doesn't run away/ flush himself in a toilet or climb on a roof...

StarlightMcKingsThree Thu 13-Mar-14 22:41:11

LOL at this thread.

Sorry though OP. You must be beyond frustrated.

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