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GP referral regarding ASD

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Levi174517 Thu 13-Mar-14 16:25:03


Just a quick question. We have an appointment tomorrow with the GP to ask for DD to be referred to a behavioural psychologist/ the complex communications diagnosis service for possible ASD.

Just had a text from school. DS is getting a certificate in assembly. We missed the last time he was rewarded as didn't get the text so I really need to go. He was very upset. If I went to the GP I'd have to be in and out in 3 minutes in order to get to school in time.

I have a list of behaviours for the GP. Would it be inappropriate to also send DH along with a signed statement from me giving a bit more history and background?

DH has a habit of assuming people know what he's thinking and therefore not giving all the facts. He can't go to the assembly as it would make him late for work.

zzzzz Thu 13-Mar-14 16:37:40

Just phone GP and get the appointment moved?

Is it a "special" appointment or just you've plucked up courage for it?

Levi174517 Thu 13-Mar-14 17:01:42

I will have a chat with DH when he gets in as I really don't want to cancel. I was stressing to the receptionist that the appointment is urgent which is why I got a non emergency one with in three weeks.

I can walk DH to the GP surgery and drum it into his head not to forget XYZ. I will probably also just to the statement. If they take it fine; if they don't then no harm done.

It's not a special appointment more plucking up courage. I don't think the referral will be an issue. DS got an ASD diagnosis last year. DD has been observed by the specialist social and communications teacher (twice) who said she has delays, no empathy and is very literal and that "a diagnosis would be helpful". On top of that she was on sedatives during YR2 sats as teacher had said they were vitally important and DD was too anxious to go to school without them.

I don't think a referral will be a fight but want to "leave no stone unturned".

zzzzz Thu 13-Mar-14 17:08:03

Goodness your GP is shockingly hard to see shock

I think my advice wouldn't be very useful as the system is SOdifferent here

Levi174517 Thu 13-Mar-14 17:22:35

I think they're better if you're actually ill iyswim. It's a nightmare booking a smear and trying to calculate where in your cycle you'll be in 5 weeks time. Doubly so if you're like me and the event always takes you a bit by surprise!

Thanks anyway. <Is not at all jealous of a Land where GPs are easy to see> wink

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