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help with visual schedule/ timetable.

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Onesieone Thu 13-Mar-14 08:41:13

I am trying to put a visual schedule and communication system in place for my ds3 age 3 diagnosed autism.

I'm looking for all advice and helpful hints please. And any hints of where to get symbols pls

Redoubtable Thu 13-Mar-14 13:11:18

A quick google returned the following resources:

From Autism Speaks

from Pinterest which has LOADS of these types of reources

how to make one yourself

This one walks you through it

There is an online (free) resource that has lots of symbols but I cannot remember the name right now ...I'll come back if I remember.

With visual schedules, at that age keep it simple.
'First....then' is a good strategy... as in first (symbol) we go to school, then we (symbol) go to the park.

Onesieone Thu 13-Mar-14 14:49:30

Thank you redoubtable. I have bought a book called a pictures worth but they are really geared toward their system. I have been given some sime symbols by SALT to use and first and Then board. So will start with that. I'm looking for the emotions as I think he has major trouble expressing that so if like to work on that too. Thanks for the links. X

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