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2 year olds growth has slowed down.

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Confusedaboutstatements Tue 11-Mar-14 20:01:29

Hi my son is 34 months and was measured today by his paediatrician. He is 91 cm. where about a on the growth charts would he lie, he was on the 91st centile at birth and was still up there at 18 months if I remember correctly.

He has developmental delays and is being assessed for autism, he is also hyper mobile. His 7 year old brother has autism and is hyper mobile with stretchy skin, he is seeing a geneticist tomorrow to see if he has ehlers danlos or any other genetic disorder.

Can it be normal to just stop growing as fast?

Hedgyhoggy Tue 11-Mar-14 20:32:14

The red book says that 91 cm at 34 months is approx 15th percentile. My ds who is 4 was 99.6th when born and went down to 20th at the age of 2. He has hypermobility and gdd. Paediatrician was never concerned and I must admit that I just put it down to his very poor attention skills, he is just too busy to eat. He's back up to 40th but I think that's because I've given up and give him food he can eat on the run.

Sorry not much help, just my experience but I shall be watching postings to see other people experience of a slow down in growth. What did the paed say?

Confusedaboutstatements Tue 11-Mar-14 20:50:04

We'll he doesn't eat very much for me but apparently eats loads at nursery! So maybe it's that., but would that affect his height though? His weight is just below the 50th centile.

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