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Other parents of ASD children in the Mountsorrel/Rothley area of Leics?

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GERRY48 Mon 10-Mar-14 00:33:53

Hi All. This is my first post.....So be gentle with me please. Firstly let me say I am a man and posting this on behalf of my lovely Thai wife.

Our 4yo son is currently being assessed for ASD and ADHD and we are awaiting the Statement. It would be really nice if there was someone in a similar position locally with whom my wife could exchange views/ideas and give mutual moral support/help.

It is a very bewildering, uncertain and anxious time for both of us. But especially for my wife who has no family support in this country.

Thanks for reading this. I hope I haven't breached protocol by being a man!

Ineedmorepatience Mon 10-Mar-14 08:19:05

Hi gerry and welcome to the board.

I dont live in your area but wanted to suggest that you find your local sure start childrens centre, they should have a list of any local support groups that you and your wife might be able to attend. They also might be able to offer some family support and help with finding your way through the system.

Good luck and keep coming in here for advise and support it is a great place smile

GERRY48 Mon 10-Mar-14 10:56:25

Thanks for that. I will certainly look into Sure Start......I had not thought of that! But of course, it makes sense........

We are so anxious and confused by it all that we are not able to think straight...............

Thanks again Gerry

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