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Disagreement in diagnosis

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Skylar123 Sun 09-Mar-14 22:52:06

Has anyone received a private dx and then not got a nhs dx for an ASD ?
If you child has been assessed by both, did the dx match ?

Jerbil Mon 10-Mar-14 02:27:26

We went for a second opinion within the Nhs. No dx first time round "something but don't know what," v helpful! Then ASD with significant sensory processing disorder. So my point being even within the NHs you can get different outcomes so therefore not surprising you can get different decisions elsewhere. Have you thought about searching a second opinion in the nhs?

Did you get any kind of explanation from the NHS person ?

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Mon 10-Mar-14 08:58:12

Comm paed refused to refer DS1 for ADOS as school said he was 'fine'. We had private dx with Margo Sharp using the DISCO followed by a consultation with Daphne Keen. LA tried to challenge dx but DS1 saw a different comm paed in my home LA for SA and she confirmed the diagnosis. As he had seen EP, SALT, OT and dev paed for assessment he did not need further assessment using ADOS for NHS to make the dx 'official'.

Skylar123 Mon 10-Mar-14 10:39:41

Thanks all.
How did you get to see a different comm paed keepon
My Ds has dx private which concluded from short school observations , objective tests ADOS and parental questionnaire.
Due to be seen by nhs for ADOS in few weeks but I'm worried he won't get nhs dx. I think because paed was always very dismissive and school say they recognise some things but nothing major and he seems fine at school. I've applied for SA and could really do without the setback if nhs don't dx. However I'm 90% sure they will. All professionals have recognised his private dx but paed did put in a recent report that Ds MAY have an ASD.
Can I request a different paed if they don't accept to agree to dx as I would have two reports that against each other.

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