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autism advice needed please

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billiejeanbob Sun 09-Mar-14 22:42:57

ds is 7 and has dx of gdd, mld, phonological disorder, dcd and verbal dyspraxia.
he is statemented and working at p levels/ level 1 of the national curriculum.
I have been researching autism as my 3yo dn has just been dx.
ds seems to tick alot of boxes re autism and I am wondering if social communication and understanding of language are always impaired?
my ds has been assessed by salt and his understanding of language is ok (8th percentile) although he struggles significantly with pronouns, plurals, tenses and sequences. he also lacks empathy, and does not understand jokes or sarcasm. he takes things very literally and has huge sensory issues, is very impulsive and finds it hard to sit still and concentrate although recently this has improved abit.
he also rresponds well to structure and if is asked to do something without prior warnings (or sometimes even with warning) will meltdown. pead has linked this to his frustration with speech/ learning although now im not sure. he likes deep pressure on his feet and head (identified by ot).
are these signs of autism or am I just reading too much into it? any insight would be great. thanks for reading.

adrianna1 Sun 09-Mar-14 23:00:37

Hi.. since he has a number of diagnosis...including things to do with language is going to effect him socially....

Who diagnosed your son, I'm only asking because someone would of suggested autism if they felt it was. However, some doctors don't so it's a good thing to ask.

Social communication is impaired..though however is delayed or impaired in a lot of kids who don't have ASD...

Your ped is right about the language/ routine issue... my son has no issues with routine, or has little issues and has a severe language delay..but I can see the reason why most kids with language delays would have an issue with routine....

Like for example, there was a kid I knew who had a severe language disorder... I would always drop him off to nursery but he would always like to get off at the same bus stop and if this changed i.e. diversion..he would have a melt down... now the same boy a few years later is now able to ask " Mum, are we getting off this stop to go home..." ( the usual stop they get off at. and mum says no and the child says's hard to explain, but I hope you understand.

Theres no harm seeking an ASD diagnosis, though knowing some doctors, which I don't agree with, tend not to put another extra diagnosis if a child has a number of diagnosis already..because in their eyes...the diagnosis doe not change anything but to work on the child's difficulties.

They may remove.. I'm not sure about this so don't take my word.. the GDD and another diagnosis and add in the ASD. But do not know for sure.

billiejeanbob Sun 09-Mar-14 23:04:15

sorry I should also add he has never played with toys in the way my other dcs have. he plays the same game over and over again, this is the only game he will play. he is fascinated with carrier bags to the point I am unable to keep them in the House as he will fill them with anything and everything. he will also put them over his head when melting down. he is very manipulative when playing and if friends etc wont do as he says he will meltdown and become aggressive and cannot be reasoned with.
he is also obsessed with a certain tv programme (this is also linked to the only game he plays) and will repeat the phrases he has heard from this programme, although he does use them appropriately. eg 'I cant do this anymore' for when he is distressed.

billiejeanbob Sun 09-Mar-14 23:10:37

sorry xposted adrianna.
he has multi assessments by salt, pead, physio and ot.
also EP input.
tbh I dont agree with the gdd label as he has a spikey profile and some aspects are age appropriate (eg understanding of language).
I guess my son would not necessarily benefit from a dx it would just help me to understand his needs a bit more.

adrianna1 Mon 10-Mar-14 01:18:09

Hi billiejean

Yes I would completely understand getting your child to be assessed to know his needs. I would do the same. But was warning you that some doctors can be like this and not look into further assessment.

I'm surprised that your son had a multi assessment and none haven't suggested that he may not be in the spectrum? Not saying your son has ASD.

Are you still under speech therapy? If you are, I will tell your speech therapist about your concerns..mention ASD.. or better get to speak to the specialist speech therapist. I'll personally go to your speech therapist as it is a quicker route to get them to refer your son to be assessed. Actually any higher person (specialists that are working with your son eg. occupational therapist etc...) is a quicker way too.

PolterGoose Mon 10-Mar-14 18:18:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

billiejeanbob Mon 10-Mar-14 18:47:11

thanks polter. the more I read the more im convinced. it would certainly explain alot. we have an indie salt and ot assessment coming up so I will see what that brings. ds is almost 8 now so im guessing it will be over the next few years things will become alot clearer.

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