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Co-ordinated support plan anyone? And rant...

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Bilberry Fri 07-Mar-14 10:52:17

I'm trying to write my letter applying for a co-ordinated support plan for my ds (bit like a Scottish version of a statement but with extra conditions required). Feeling a bit down re-reading his reports - my attempt to give up chocolate for lent went out of the window yesterday. We are waiting for the outcome of his language unit application any day but next Friday is 16 weeks before the end of the year so I need the CSP application in by then if it is to be done before he starts p1.

I'm not hopeful about getting in the LU and at the last NHS salt appointment he was put back on the waiting list for another block (we waited 9 monts last time). We're seeing our private Salt but I'm so cross at the lack of support within 'the system' angry. I also got the report today the pead wrote when we last saw her and in support of the LU application. When we saw her she said she would write a letter strongly supporting his application for the LU. The report downgrades this to 'I support his application' but unless it was sent to the panel quicker than it was sent to me it won't matter as it would be too late.sad.

So, has anyone had any experience applying for a CSP? How much should I include in the letter? Given we've applied for a LU they can't now say he doesn't need significant SALT. (Though I was speaking to someone a few days ago who said the last child she knew with a CSP didn't get the support listed so I expect to see The tribunal at some point). I'm currently procrastinating instead of writing...

Bilberry Sun 09-Mar-14 22:19:02

Ok. It seems I am the only one on here who knows about CSPs (what little I know!).

I've got my letter written and will be handing it in tomorrow. However, I realised I miss-counted. They get 4 weeks to decide if he needs one then another 16 to write it so it may not be done for when he starts school (didn't realise they had 4 weeks to decide). All the assessments have already been done so here's hoping it will be written in time anyway.

tacal Mon 10-Mar-14 19:05:32

Hi Bilberry, sorry I don't know anything about CSP's. My ds is at ms primary with only an ASP. I just wanted to wish you luck. Sorry I can not offer any advice!

Bilberry Mon 10-Mar-14 21:44:27

Thanks tacal, CSPs are the nearest scottish equivalent of a statement - they are the only legal ASN document. However, to get one your child needs to require significant input from an another body (eg. NHS) as well as education or from the LA in a different capacity (eg. Social services) so it is 'co-ordinating' services. It is ment to list their needs and how they will be addressed and you can appeal to a tribunal over them. I'm hoping to get more salt input from it. However, having returned to our private salt after a block of NHS therapy makes me doubt it all as the private therapy is so much better; ds concentrated for 45 minutes and had fun. NHS salt was a chore for him, he found it hard to deal with the 25 minutes and every week refused to continue at some point as it was too hard/boring/not fun.

AgentProvocateur Mon 10-Mar-14 21:53:02

I know a bit about them from a professional point of view (ex professional!) but can't remember much. In my previous job, I'd always advise people to contact Have you been in touch with them? My vague recollection is that in most places, not having a CNP would not be a barrier to getting extra help. Good luck.

Bilberry Mon 10-Mar-14 22:54:43

Thanks Agent, I did contact Enquire and found then very independent rather than on my side if you know what I mean! I think you would be correct if I was just considering the school but the amount of NHS salt we receive is pitiful; three 6-week blocks in two and a half years! And each of those blocks were preceded by me chasing them up! We have just finished the 3rd block and are back on the waiting list again.angry At that amount it is hardly worth them bothering at all. So, in theory, if the CSP states he needs weekly salt and salt input into the curriculum then he should get it... hmm

tacal Sat 15-Mar-14 22:29:04

how are you getting on with your letter? I hope your are making some progress.

Have you spoken to NAS? Could they help you?

Bilberry Sat 15-Mar-14 23:39:49

Hi tacal, I got the letter in. We now have another review meeting coming up which I think must be related to the CSP application as it would otherwise be too soon; we would have heard back from LU but not the application to the SEN base by then. If we waited until just after Easter we would know both. CSP's have their own process and time-tables to follow I guess... Last review meeting was 7 weeks ago (for LU application). These review meetings are all forward planning - we don't seem to review much or look at his IEP! His actual nursery teachers don't come either so it is all based on hear-say or observing ds for an hour hmm.

In the meantime, ds speech and language is actually coming on! Ok, still way way behind but getting there! smile. Back to private salt again and so much better that I wander whether I am pushing for NHS salt out of a sense of injustice and cost rather than because it is the best thing for my ds...

Bilberry Sat 15-Mar-14 23:41:38

Didn't contact NAS as not autistic, just speech, some other delay, fine motor issues and possible sensory issues.

tacal Sun 16-Mar-14 09:47:28

Hi Bilberry, great news that your ds's speech and language is progressing! Sounds like the private salt is making a difference.

I hope all goes well with the CSP.

tacal Sun 16-Mar-14 09:50:49

will you be seeing an o/t for fine motor and sensory issues? my ds is on waiting list for o/t. I am going to look into how much private would cost but doubt I can afford it.

Bilberry Sun 16-Mar-14 10:10:56

Yes, he is getting some OT - accessed through a child development team. I think it is just this term though. His fine motor skills are not quite right rather than delayed and I'm suspecting some sensory issues.... However, he can't control a pen so with the speech this is going to cause issues with reading and writing.

tacal Sun 16-Mar-14 17:53:16

That's great you are seeing an o/t. From what I have heard the waiting list here is around 8 months so my ds should hopefully get an appointment in the summer before starting p2.

Your ds will really benefit from all the help you are giving him before he starts school.

MommyUpNorth Mon 17-Mar-14 11:07:36

Hi Bilberry, DS has a CSP, but I don't recall writing a letter applying for it. It was discussed in a meeting, and then our 'team' sent off a letter after all the conditions of applying for one were discussed in that meeting. I might have signed that and then it was sent off? Sorry, it was a couple years back now.

It was great when we first got it and we got SLT pinned down to twice a week. smile Now, they've lost a member of staff, and someone is nearly always off sick, and I'd still have to ask if they've been in to the school as we get zero feedback on what's happening... but they do stick to their now weekly visit.

Kaffiene Tue 18-Mar-14 07:14:18

Hi Bilbery

DD (P1) has finally got a CSP. I didn write a letter just an email to the HT asking for a decision tree meeting. Invites were then sent out to all her professions. They then attend the meeting with a report and a scoring. If I remember rightly you need 1 or more agencies that supply support at a level 3. Do you have a disability social worker and receive direct payments?

Dispite DD having input from Physio, OT, SALT and Access Officer in school I think they only supplied level 2 support, because we receive DP Social Work scored us a 3. We then wiggled Physio up to a 3.

We combined the decision tree meeting with a targeting setting meeting. The 1st draft CSP I got sent was rather wooly so I pretty much re wrote it. This has to be resent out to all the professonals as a second draft and amended within a time scale. CSP was then finalised..... 3 months later I am now having meetings as nothing has changed!! A whole lot of talk and no action. However, because DD has a CSP I have got back up when I am complaining that her provision is not good enough. It's a long torturous progress unfortunately.

Bilberry Tue 18-Mar-14 13:01:37

Thanks, Kaffiene, the only 'other' agency is SALT and really I'm only applying because of the SALT as so far I have been happy with the school. We're awaiting the outcome of a language unit application and given everyone agreed to/suggested this then by definition they all feel he needs significant SALT input. I haven't seen 'levels' used round here but the code of practice would suggest that he is entitled (an example given in the code is of a boy attending a language unit). I suspect it wasn't suggested as he is not an obvious candidate only requiring salt (he gets a little OT but not enough to count) which is why I applied and had to state his case in a letter. It is not a given that they will agree. I think the la are also under the misunderstanding that once in a CSP if the NHS don't provide the salt then they are off the hook....

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