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Just a rant!

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Skylar123 Fri 07-Mar-14 08:21:06

Trying not to let this annoy me but it is. On driving by Ds school playground yesterday after sch visit I noticed Ds in playground. Ds hates playtime and finds it hard to express why exactly.
Playground is on a main road in full
View of anyone and everyone so I pulled up my car briefly as I spotted him whilst Driving slowly past. I was literally there for 2 mins as lost sight of him.
Later that day I get a call sch from the head to tell me I had been seen watching the children in the playground and could I not.

I wasn't impressed, I told her I had simply been driving by, had received a call and pulled over whilst noticing my son.

I accept child protection issues and strangers watching children or frequent watching could cause worry but they would have been fully aware what I was looking out for, my Ds.

I should have told her that I wasn't watching children I was watching Ds and they know full well why.

The only person that could have possible noticed me would have been the TA . The school is very clicky and it would seem everyone down to the office staff know about the ins and outs of my Ds.

This is just the start of how shitty the school will be, they don't like me coz I insist on things for Ds, constantly keep them on their toes with the support they provide and I feel they don't like it.

Plus I recently put in writing something that clearly shows discrimination towards my Ds so more likely got their backs up tenfold.

Rant over ! Thanks for reading

bochead Fri 07-Mar-14 08:33:12

I'd be telling her that I can't be organising my day or phonecalls around her paranoia and asking why the same level of scrutiny wasn't on the children IN the playground as opposed to what's going on outside?

Is it silly season at the mo? bjkmummy's posts about her dotty LA staff are better than watching eastenders.

StarlightMcKingsThree Fri 07-Mar-14 16:37:31

I'm not surprised you are annoyed. You shouldn't have even explained. You were on a public right of way and could be there for as long as you wanted. That they knew your phone number gave them no business calling you about. If they have an issue with the public looking at the children in the playground they can change their fencing.

There is a school just round the corner from me that my ds attended the nursery of. I regularly pass the school and frequently stop and watch the children she used to play with to see how they are getting on. Sometimes I am spotted. They have my phone number as my dd used to attend but I have never been called.

Handywoman Fri 07-Mar-14 22:57:10

Skylar the more I hear about your ds's school the more I fee like ranting myself.....

Skylar123 Sat 08-Mar-14 09:02:34

Thanks bochead, star & handy exactly they should worry more about the kids in their care rather than what's going on outside. Honestly that school think they are something else! I wasn't taking photos or using binoculars. They have apparently done the same to other parents. The staff are actually told to report any parents seen at playground or gate, how crazy is that. My mum uses to walk by my playground when I was a kid. The world has gone mad. I really think that when I've gone through this SA stuff Ds will be leaving. However, I'm finding that other schools don't really want to know once I mention Ds dx and difficulties sad and poor bjkmummy she is really going through it

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