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how long can draft statement be delayed due to late report?

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osospecial Wed 05-Mar-14 12:38:15

LEA have had all other reports in since the end of December. The report they are waiting on is the medical assessment from LHB. I have tried chasing numerous times(as have LEA apparently) and keep being told due to sickness they are very behind with typing reports etc and keep being promised its being done 'this week'. I've asked LEA if we can proceed without it. How long can this go on?

sticksandstones471 Wed 05-Mar-14 19:43:11

the lea have a duty to finalise the statement within 6 weeks of issuing the draft. I would check the date which will be on the covering letter of the draft statement and work out when the six weeks will be. then email the lea saying you expect the statement to be finalised by this date.

osospecial Wed 05-Mar-14 20:37:19

Hi, thanks sticks, its the draft statement I am waiting for from them (or a decision not to issue a statement) , we are still in the SA phase but the time has passed for when they should have given me a decision and they just say its delayed because of LHB, not their fault, its so frustrating as I keep thinking I will hear this week and then nothing.

Nigel1 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:27:34

Say that if you dont get the Draft within 10 working days you will take formal legal advice as to your options to force a decision from the LA and that might include Judicial Review.

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