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Anybody tried CBT to help dc?

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SalaciousCrumb Tue 04-Mar-14 21:52:55

We had a lady from CAMHS visit us to help ds (he's 11.5) took 9 months to get the appointment - he was self harming by banging his head I think stressed out by SATS etc in year 6.

However, he felt very wretched and wouldn't engage with her as I think he considers she came round as a consequence of him lashing out at us - he was playing Minecraft & skyping and was stressed by being bossed around as he perceived it. He gets very anxious. We employed an OT privately and she said he meets the criteria for dyspraxia - although it's been very difficult to spot at primary school as his balance is OK, although he is unable to tie a tie, shoelaces, ride a bike, scooter which made him feel stupid.

Anyway - CAMHS lady wasn't impressed with us second time she came as we failed to get him to practice breathing exercises, get him moving more to aid sleep - just found it difficult to do as so busy with getting him to do homework etc, etc and she asked ds to do these things and I didn't organise him etc. I had got him to write down a list of what had triggered anger and hitting out at his sister but she said we'd filled in the form incorrectly confused

Combined with ds crying and feeling very wretched she said she'd leave it up to us and she would see dh & I on our own as dh in her opinion had taken a step back and wasn't even at the appointment, even though it was mainly him who wanted to go ahead with it - I had spoken to her and said I'd read the Explosive Child/parenting a child with AS and was trying strategies. So far she's not returned my call - I'm not going to see her again - I work for the LA and only too aware of how desperately others need help and I think at the moment we can try our best to help ds.

He's discovered birdwatching and revisited an interest in wildlife (loves David Attenborough!) and also we've cut down the amount of time he spends on Minecraft which exacerbated his anxiety/aggression.

Anyway - sorry this is so long - has anybody tried to help their dc with CBT techniques, and where did you find the information?

I just need to help him to think positively, he came home unhappy over not getting in to a spelling competition, friendship issues and a teacher asking him to rewrite his maths homework that she couldn't read (he's refusing to do it). Luckily David Attenborough took his mind off things and I'm hoping he won't lie awake until midnight feeling upset and anxious. Just going up to see if he's dropped of to sleep.

Thanks smile

PolterGoose Tue 04-Mar-14 23:24:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jacksterbear Wed 05-Mar-14 13:03:03

I second the Dawn Huebner "what to do when..." books recommendation. We have worked through the anxiety one and the anger one. For us, the anger one was the really helpful one as, although my ds has terrible anxiety, it manifests itself in extreme emotional outbursts more than in worrying - and it sounds as though your ds is similar.

nonicknameseemsavailable Wed 05-Mar-14 13:19:48

the what to do when my brain gets stuck book was suggested to me yesterday by the SENCO at school for my daughter's OCD problems. I think they are all anxiety based so perhaps I need the anxiety one I don't know. she said the book was very good so it does sound like Dawn Huebner's stuff might be worth you trying.

SalaciousCrumb Thu 06-Mar-14 18:40:31

Thanks for replies smile I've also seen books on Amazon while browsing at Dawn Huebner stuff called How to Stick up for yourself and How to be Happy. I read an article a while ago saying when parents have tried CBT it's.more effective than counselling, just picking g a good time to do it as you say Poltergoose when they're calm (and when I'm calm!!).

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