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LGO Report On SEN Services

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uggerthebugger Tue 04-Mar-14 15:22:56

The LGO has put out a report today on SEN services (SEN: Preparing For The Future). Apparently:

With the Children and Families Bill soon to bring in new legislation around the way SEN is provided, the report will help councils learn the lessons of the past in the hope that future mistakes can be avoided

Link is here - no idea if it's any good, but thought people might want to check it over....

bjkmummy Tue 04-Mar-14 16:47:05

quite interesting reading....

StarlightMcKingsThree Tue 04-Mar-14 17:22:01

I'm less interested in reports than I am promise of oversight.

There are loads of reports that say The same as this.

Good start though.

StarlightMcKingsThree Tue 04-Mar-14 19:35:40

Reports are not Outcomes.

TOWIE2014 Tue 04-Mar-14 20:50:00

As someone who has a complaint currently going through LGO, this is too depressing to read and understand the stance they are taking.

Before they publish something like this, the LGO need to get their own house in order first.

I have a very clear-cut complaint with lots of documentary evidence that my LA broke the law (Ed Act and SEN CoP). Yet LGO say it's just an administrative failure by my LA and as long as my LA put into place proper admin, LGO will let it go. This is despite very very clear cut breaches in the law and SEN CoP (all documented with written evidence) - which the LGO have totally ignored and failed to rule on.

Additionally, there is very clear documentary evidence (written and verbal evidence) that the LA did ABC in my DS's case (including LA school rep, in a court of law, stating to a judge that ABC HAD happened). Yet the LA have said that XYZ happened. Guess what? Yep. In their provisional view, LGO state that XYZ happened. Oh - so the LA school rep must have been perjuring herself because she said ABC had happened (which all documentary evidence agrees with). LA says ABC happened - based on? Oh yes, the verbal evidence of a SEN Manager with absolutely nothing to back up her "story".

My LA have lied, lied and lied yet again to the LGO. LGO says, yep we believe you. LGO haven't even bothered to read any of my letters to the LA - just totally taking a face value the lying toe-rags at cunty hall.

The LGO are totally in bed with LAs.

TOWIE2014 Tue 04-Mar-14 20:53:51

Oops - didn't check before posting

Me and the LA school rep say ABC happened (backed up by written evidence and school rep's evidence to a judge). LA SEN Manager says XYZ happened - based on a busy SEN manager recalling a supposed telephone conversation which took place a year ago - with no documentary evidence that the call actually happened. And even it did happen (which it didn't), the call still breached the Ed Act and the SEN CoP - but the LGO says that's ok.

fightingthelawbreakers Tue 04-Mar-14 23:05:30

Not bothering to read that report.

Towie - I totally agree with you yet again wink
They definitely need to get their own house in order.

When the LGO consider the law when making their judgments, not just accepting that it's o.k for the LA to ignore their legal duties, then I will take them a bit more seriously.

They have released a lot of reports, one which specifically covered the area of my complaint so I thought that they would take my concerns seriously. But no, they preferred to believe the LA's version of events, despite all my evidence to the contrary.

My investigator had said, at the start, that she would question the LA and investigate a particularly dodgy matter. She did question them and, unsurprisingly, the LA claimed to know nothing about this. Then when I provided written evidence showing that a large number of LA Managers and staff did actually know about it the LGO investigator suddenly decided that she couldn't investigate it any more as it was a 'school matter' hmm. Very convenient.

There were so many illegal things going on she probably didn't know where to start. Best to say you don't deal with it and find no fault with it, eh?

TOWIE2014 Wed 05-Mar-14 08:53:38

Mind you, even though the LGO is as much good as a chocolate tea-pot, I would still urge parents to complain to them about unlawful behaviour of their LAs.

It's only because parents are complaining that the LGO are finally waking up to the fact that SEN complaints are their biggest category.

In RL, I know of several parents who had the same thing happen as in my DS's case. LAs think they can just get away with law breaking because no-one complains. If enough people complained, then LGO and LAs will have to wake up to their disgusting unlawful practices against the most vulnerable in our society - disabled children.

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