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Shocked at OT report. Statement question.

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theposterwithmanynames Mon 03-Mar-14 20:51:26

We have AR meeting shortly. I have always felt that ds (ASD) had sensory difficulties but his previous school and the LA never got around to arranging a referral before they decided they couldn't meet needs . Some mention was made of sensory difficulties and the LA SEN manager advised that once assessments were completed the necessary amendments would be made to the sm.

I have now received the initial assessment report from the OT at his new school and am quite shocked. He is on the 2nd centile for motor co-ordination and 1st centile for Visual Motor Integration. He also has significant auditory processing difficulties. No wonder he has struggled so much at school sad. He has started some programmes to help as well as regular sensory integration therapy.

I intend to discuss this report at the AR meeting but am I correct in thinking that the recommendations from the OT should be in Part 3 of the sm rather than anywhere else?

bjkmummy Mon 03-Mar-14 21:16:47

the needs should be in part 2 and then the recommendations/therapy in part 3. don't let them try to put it in part 5 / 6

ouryve Mon 03-Mar-14 21:23:09

You are correct. His sensory difficulties impinge on his ability to learn, so accommodating for and treating his difficulties is an educational need. Those needs should be described in part 2 (eg auditory processing difficulties - he can not easily discern the voice of someone speaking to him from background noise in the classroom) and the provision that meets those needs (eg instructions repeated to him directly, with his full attention, and presented additionally in a visual format) described in part 3.

theposterwithmanynames Mon 03-Mar-14 21:31:42

Great-thanks. I thought that was the case and didn't want the LA to get confused about it grin

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