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adrianna1 Mon 03-Mar-14 19:34:21


I have a son who is four years old and has a very severe speech and language delay.

For the past month or so, my son has not been well. He then developed rashes all over his body, called 111 and they advised me to go to A and E.

Went A and E the next day, and they checked my son..they thought he had scarlet fever, but then another doctor said he just has eczema (roll eyes) and I should go to my GP.

Went to my GP. THREE TIMES! They thought my son had a viral infection. But as he is uncooperative, like with checking his ear and stuff. They would not test him. Which I do understand...but what if my son had a serious illness and their excuse was..oh his uncooperative. I went to another doctor and she said the same thing. At A and E they used some techniques with my son etc.

It's been a few weeks and for the past two weeks my son has been wheezing in his sleep. He would be snoring, and then will hold his breath for like 5 seconds and then will go back to his regular breathing till it all starts again.

But I'm worried that if I go back to the doctors it would be a waste of time and they'll just tell me to go to A and E.

adrianna1 Mon 03-Mar-14 20:40:32


beautifulgirls Mon 03-Mar-14 20:53:44

Is there one GP at the practice who you do trust and seems to take you more seriously. I have found a big difference in who we see and although not always the case, usually the women seem to be better than the male GPs. If possible request a specific doctor you feel will take you seriously and listen and act appropriately on your concerns. If on the other hand you don't feel like anyone at the clinic is able to listen and act how you hope then look to register at another GP clinic. If you can either go on personal recommendation or otherwise choose a large clinic so that if needs be you can have more than one doctor to choose from.

In an urgent situation don't feel bad to go back and ask again and again. We had a very hard situation with our NT daughter when she was very young and on two occasions were fobbed off with "it's a virus" and sent away. Several hours after the second fob off she ended up admitted and transferred to intensive care fighting for her life. If we had taken the doctors at their word I might not have sought care for the third time until the next day and it would have been too late. Thankfully the outcome was good for us in the end. Trust your mummy instinct and if needs be make a pain of yourself until they listen. Many doctors out there are very genuine and care but not all take the same amount of care and listen as well as others.

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