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Has anyone requested an ADOS or CARS test after diagnosis?

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nappyaddict Mon 03-Mar-14 11:39:37

My DS received a diagnosis when he was 3.6. He is 7.8 now. I have always had difficulty fully accepting the diagnosis and often have moments where I think "is he autistic or is he just difficult and demanding?" I think that is because apart from the ADI-R interview I never saw any of his assessment taking place. He went to the local hospital's children's assessment unit for 64 hours over a 4 week period so I know his assessment was thorough. But as I was not there to observe the assessments taking place I don't know exactly what they did. I know none of the diagnostic tests for Autism are 100% as it is based on opinion and observation, but I think it would help me to have some physical data to be able to look at.

Also is there anywhere online I can take a look at these tests?

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