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what OT support do your DC with Asd get at school?

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chocnomore Sun 02-Mar-14 14:02:03

DD (6) has autism and sensory issues (tactile very defensive), noise sensitivity, extreme nail biting...

We never had OT support despite her dx but after a long battle OT will see her next week at school. I will be going in.

I am pretty sure we will either get a fob off or only minimal help but (unlike with SALT) I have no idea how OT support for sensory issues should/would look like at school.

Can I ask what OT is doing at school with your DC? DD is attending an MS school.


Ineedmorepatience Sun 02-Mar-14 17:31:51

Dd3 has had mix bag of input from OT, she has had multiple assessments including one for sensory processing and another for visual processing.

She was initially discharged with borderline motor difficulties but I along with the help of the senco at school got her re-referred .

She is currently part way through a 6 week package to being her transition into secondary school and we are doing a deep pressure program at home. The OT that is involved with the deep pressure contacts me by phone but has not seen Dd3 since we started it.

Hope some of that helps smile

chocnomore Sun 02-Mar-14 17:44:37

Thanks - it gives me an idea what a OT package look like :-)

Redoubtable Sun 02-Mar-14 19:20:42

Here is a good site explaining SPD - there is a checklist of symptoms which it might help your OT if you had already completed and thought about it.

They would/ should also do a gross/fine motor assessment and talk to you about what your DD's daily routine is like.
Think about what is the one skill/task/goal you would like to improve on.

Ideally (in a non-overstretched and understaffed service) your DD would be seen for a block of therapy that would help them to devise a sensory diet for you.

Failing that, you are likely to get general advice.

SummerRain Sun 02-Mar-14 19:28:22

The special needs assistant in the school takes a group of kids once or twice a week and does OT exercises with them, mostly gross motor stuff and some sensory stuff. She mixes and matches from programs a few different children have been given by different OTs.

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