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Where do I start with gathering evidence?

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cantmakepastry Thu 27-Feb-14 20:11:39

DS(8) dx'd Apr 2013 with High Functioning Autism. His main issues are Speech & Language based as he has Semantic Pragmatic difficulties. School are very good and have him in the special support class off their own back (1:4 ratio) for literacy lessons, he is only on SA+.

DS's curriculum scores have declined since his yr2 SATS (he is yr4 now). We are about to receive his latest scores so as yet I don't know what they are. He was 7.10yrs when these tests were done here and his language scores were put into age equivalent as at Apr 2013:
receptive Language: 4.5yrs; Expressive Language 5.6-5.11yrs; concepts & following directions <5yrs; Word structure 6.4yrs; recalling sentences 5.5yrs; formulated sentences 6.2yrs; core language 5.2yrs. Basically comes out as low/below average across the board.
Parent Partnership and another lady in the know have said they feel I have ground to request a statement as his curriculum scores have decreased (July 2012 to Oct 2013). Writing has gone from 2C to 1a, reading 2B to 2C, maths gone up slightly from 2C to 2B. Would you agree too? I guess the question is also what do I do if the latest test results place him back up 1 sub level to where he was in year 2! Ugh!

School up to now have said they are really pleased with him...imply to me that he is a different person at school etc...I just dont see how this is the case. He is very very good at bluffing and is very very good at copying others. His behaviour at home says otherwise too. However, he genuinely loves school and has never not wanted to go.

So my question is...I have a meeting with the Senco and another teacher in the next couple of weeks and I just don't know where to start? Am told to gather evidence but I am not sure what of? Do they mean hospital scores, IEP's? I just don't know where to start tbh so any help you could give me would so very much appreciated. Sorry its so long and stats heavy.

Thanks smile

MyCatIsFat Thu 27-Feb-14 22:39:40

If PP are suggesting you apply for a Statement then there is probably enough evidence already to suggest he may need one. PP can help you make your request. Please remember that Statements are not given solely for academic difficulties, they are often issued for all sorts of other difficulties that are caused by the disabilities. You don;t need to be 'behind academically' to be issued with a Statement - you just need more help than school is able to give you.

cantmakepastry Sun 02-Mar-14 08:00:46

Ok thank you very much for your reply. I have a meeting with school soon, just hoping they support me with applying. PP have told me to phone them after that so will do that. Have been ipsea link too,mv helpful.
Thanks again smile

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 02-Mar-14 08:23:50

I would make a statement application asap and before you meet with the SENCO again. These things can take around 6 months to set up so there should be no delay now. If you make the application yourself you can appeal the decision in the event the LEA say no. The initial application letter that is sent off to the LEA by you can be short; it does not needs reams of detail. IPSEA have model letters you can use.

PP seem good but can be ultimately in the pockets of the LEA: it is fair to say that some of them are far better than others. Do keep posting here and looking at IPSEA's website as and when needed.

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