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Wow, stress/meltdown free sport session Bristol

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Spiraling Thu 27-Feb-14 19:38:29

Finally went down to a new session in Bristol tonight at Ashton Park school, it a netball session for all SEN, so I took DS1 (HFA, hypermobility/proprioception/suspect dsyraxia), and he came away asking to go again, result grin. Although it says it netball session, started with relays and other sporty games and then a kind a netball game.

But is was so relaxed and so spacious, that ds could be himself, when he got upset i could take him to one side and explain or we could adapt what we were doing. Also DS2 had fun and made a new friend. We all left happy, having taken ds to different sport groups, this was by far the most accommodating i have been too, such a change. The session was run by Sue Anderson, she has been coaching for many years and really knows how to get the bet out of kids. It not often i am so pleasantly surprised regarding DS1.

But I am worried it will close a not many families attended, it is free at the moment, so just wanted to let people know about it. So if local, it is at Ashton Park School, Blackmoors Lane BS2 2JL, Thursdays 5-6, contact Matt Donovan. 01173533619. Or just turn up as I did.

Spiraling Thu 27-Feb-14 19:40:02

Oh yes, it is aimed at primary school kids, ds1 is 8.

cantmakepastry Thu 27-Feb-14 20:27:28

Sounds great and something my DS would enjoy. Sadly not local to us but really hope it gains interest smile

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