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ever get the feeling that dark forces are acting against you?

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bjkmummy Thu 27-Feb-14 14:20:49

know im being OTT about dark forces but im just frustrated

phoned my GP at beg dec and asked for a referral for my daughter re possible dyspraxia - you cant get an appointment to see a GP face to face here so they phone you first. during the call GP states she wont refer her as an 'edcuational' need so has to be the school. I was in tears but she wouldn't budge at all

so phone class teacher and explained all, teacher wasn't sure so said she would phone school nurse. teacher later spoke to dh and gushed about the school nurse

got to January, heard nothing so phoned school nurse myself who said 'no school haven't phoned me' so did the referral with her over the phone and it was SPA referral which goes to a panel every 2 weeks and I would hear shortly.

2 weeks pass and I posted on a local facebook page asking how long it would usually take and the peeps on there said sometime can be a bit longer if they have a lot of referral so may not go to the first panel but the second one 2 weeks later so thought okay give it a bit of time

now end of feb and heard nothing so phone the people up who deal with the referrals to be told no referral has been received so nearly 3 months later no further forward.......

phoned school nurse and left her a message so will see what happens next but it just feels that no one wants to help her or refer her. as it is we do have a private OT booked in a few weeks due to the tribunal but that's not the point really

MyCatIsFat Thu 27-Feb-14 15:53:19

The big mistake you are making is phoning.

If you wrote a letter and cc to somebody else they could not ignore you so easily. You'd also have an evidence trail should you wish to make a formal complaint.

Everything should be in writing e.g. write to t he school nurse making the request and stating that the GP considers dyspraxia to be an educational, nit medical, difficulty. Then send a copy of that letter to the GP. I would guarantee you'd have a response by return of post.

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