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Proud of my son

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yawningmonster Wed 26-Feb-14 03:13:37

Ok so still dealing with camp debacle but meanwhile....
Today was swimming sports. We had lots of supports in place as it was compulsory. DS was in the non competitive rounds. I could see from my vantage point he was struggling with the noise (hands clamped firmly over his ears) struggling with the heat (pacing and pulling at his clothing) and struggling with waiting (going up to his teacher approx 100 times until I saw her strap her watch on him, show him what time his race was and allowed him to come and sit with me for the rest of the wait. We had retreats in place should he need them (family changing rooms away from everyone until he calmed) anyway before his race a friend of his was waiting for one of hers (I said oh wow A is going in she is being so brave I know she is very frightened of the water) Next minute A was panicking and pulled out of the water. I pointed out her distress to DS and suggested he may like to check on her before his race. He went over and did so. He lined up for his race a pyjama race, he was in the lane closed to the edge so that he could hold the edge. A was also supposed to be in these heats and was standing behind him. His race started and suddenly he popped up in the water and went back to the start. He was deep in discussion with the staff and I thought oh no I am going to have a meltdown to deal with any minute but no what happened next was awesome. His friend A and another girl who was also very scared got in with ds and they all went together. DS had stopped his race because he was too worried about his friend and went back to see if she would get in with him. I cried, nobody else in the benches knew what was going on but I am so, so, so proud. An event that could have been a total and utter disaster for DS and he turns around and made me prouder than the parents of the winners.

whitsernam Wed 26-Feb-14 03:16:35

What a great story!! You deserve to be proud of this young man, and many thanks for sharing this. There is a really fine young man inside him, and it is really wonderful that you got to see this.

yawningmonster Wed 26-Feb-14 03:21:30

I know I well up every time I think about it. I was so prepared for a meltdown and so totally unprepared for what actually happened

PolterGoose Wed 26-Feb-14 07:03:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youarewinning Wed 26-Feb-14 07:24:48

Wow - that made me well up. Well done your DS. smile

ohmeohmyforgotlogin Wed 26-Feb-14 07:38:20

That's so lovely. You must have raised him well.

Ineedmorepatience Wed 26-Feb-14 08:07:57

Bless him yawning that is so lovely grin

Well done miniyawning for being such a brilliant friend grin

Borka Wed 26-Feb-14 11:43:16

Wow, that's brilliant!

Holycowiloveyoureyes Wed 26-Feb-14 11:52:06

Wow, what a star!

Scottishdancer Wed 26-Feb-14 12:49:55

You must be so proud of him. What a lovely thing to do. Far better than winning the race!

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