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Referrals when in school out of county?

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SENquery Tue 25-Feb-14 22:41:08

Mainstream school struggled to cope with ds and just before they kicked him out admitted they couldn't meet needs decided that he needed referrals to OT and Salt. This should have been done much earlier but they apparently 'did it as soon as they could' hmm.

Ds then started at a resi school in another county but the referrals were declined as he was 'no longer in the county'. Is this correct? Surely if it is felt he needed the referrals then they should have arranged these, shouldn't they? Has anyone else had this problem?

my dd3 is at school out of area, not resi though. Her therapy was all handed over from local services to the school therapists so I don't need to take her out of school for appointments. Can school refer to their own therapy team?

bochead Wed 26-Feb-14 12:53:01

Her home address hasn't changed unless her official status is that she is now "looked after" and you no longer have parental responsibility.

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