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IEP targets - is this normal school behaviour?

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bjkmummy Mon 24-Feb-14 12:43:46

We are appealing a refusal to assess re dyslexia. School only gave us an IEP in November after we had to demand it. Academically she is 3-4 years behinds.

Daughter mentioned on last day of term that she had been kept in at playtime and missed a lesson as she wold told to re write a paragraph in her best writing. The teacher then commented how well she had done and meant she had gone up a sub level and she's making fantastic progress! All of her work that day was copied. Teacher mentioned work being shown to someone at a meeting.

Dh went in this morning and quizzed class teacher, she admitted daughter stayed in over playtime to do the work as it was for her IEP. Her work was copied as she has a meeting with the sen officer and she is showing the work to the sen officer! A friend has said that she thinks its wrong that she is being made to do IEP work outside of normal class time. I kind of agree and feel the school should show her true work not work where she was alone in the class and able to take as much time as possible. I think by doing this it will mean she will meet the IEP target and LA will argue the adequate progress although doubt she will meet the other targets.

The sen officer is yet to take her views. I emailed her over 10 days ago. LA response to tribunal due next Thursday and I also have concerns that she will turn up at school for this meeting and attempt to take my daughters views whilst she is there! Dh also sent 2 letters in today asking for her school file and for the school sen budget, I know I need to put something in writing but dread doing it but this all seems so wrong that the school are determined she won't be statemented probably due to money more than anything and LA will be delighted with school report of lots of progress.

I have a report from her dyslexia teacher which makes it clear the kid struggles t even hold a blooming pen! So advice how to handle this warmly received

MariaNotChristmas Mon 24-Feb-14 16:35:49

*kept in at playtime and missed a lesson

told to rewrite a paragraph in her best writing

all of her work that day was copied

alone in the class and able to take as much time as possible*

It's fine to let the work stand. So long as they add an explanatory note giving full details of the conditions under which it was produced.

Not very smart of the LA to assist your case by showing she can make some progress on handwriting and spelling, but only for a short piece of copied work, with a whole classroom and a teacher to herself for most of the day

bjkmummy Sat 22-Mar-14 21:28:00

i got her school file yesterday 4 weeks after asking for it. school don't know i already had some parts that school had submitted to the LA - i asked the LA for everything that went to panel so was sent the info from the LA.

there was a file note where teacher says she is 3 and half years behind - the one sent to the LA has more notes added to it - one being about parents evening and another to moan about me complaining about the IEP.

the one on the school file has none of the additions so teacher added them on before sending to LA but not realised that it means that both file notes now don't look the same.

anyway in the school file was this sample of the handwriting. i had let the LA know that if this piece of handwriting was to be used as evidence of improvement then we wanted the circumstances of how it was done to be stated as well. the hand writing sample to date has not surfaced so i don't know if it ever was given to the LA - it is on her school file and the writing doesn't even look like my daughters handwriting - its 5 lines that took about an hour to do and is all joined up writing. there is a file note about dh going in and asking about it and teacher telling dh it was for her IEP targets and the piece of work does state its for her iep targets

her iep target - one is to achieve 90% spelling of high frequency words - the file shows the test she did - she got 80% but then the ones she got wrong she was re tested on and she got half of them right giving her an extra 10 marks so that took her to 90% and therefore met the target but she had to do the test in 2 sittings so they are really trying to make sure they give the appearance she has made progress.

Ineedmorepatience Sat 22-Mar-14 21:57:08

This copying out of pieces of writing is happening with Dd3 too bjk, in her last assessment she wrote a draft of what she intended to write in her rough book before copying on to the assessment sheet!!

It is cheating, that is the only way to describe it, they are deliberatly inflating our children's assessment scores to make them seem better than they are.

Dd3 came home with a piece of work the other day that she needed to "Write in neat" [her words] she had planned it, drafted it, re drafted it and then was going to write it in neat at home!! She actually typed it at home, I know they will use it as part of their on going assessments.

your Dd's school is like Dd3's, they are trying to prove a point.

When Dd3 did some homework here without practising what she was going to write it was really poor, poor spelling, no punctuation, poor handwriting. It didnt look anything like what she does at school after 2 or 3 edits. I took a photo of it and have included it in my tribunal evidence.

bjkmummy Sat 22-Mar-14 22:14:46

unfortunately for the school - we have had her assessed by an OT and she has hypermobility in her hands so she can barely hold a pencil properly and she cannot write for any length of time before her hands start to hurt. this is also covered as well by the dyslexia teacher. the school file also says that her writing is poor and is barely readable by other children which my daughter then finds humilating - so why are they doing this when the evidence is clear about her writing - i reckon this piece of writing is going to surface at the final evidence deadline but i have already got it in writing to the LA who have not responded to the email about it - surprise surprise

Ineedmorepatience Sat 22-Mar-14 22:33:28

Yep us too, not from OT because the NHS ones didnt go that far this time, they did on an old report. We do have it from the indie EP who spotted her dyslexia and found her written expression to be on the 3rd centile!

Our school havent provided any writing samples just her levels, I have provided several writing samples, one of which was the LA's own child's views form!

I have had absolutely no communication with the LA since I sent my appeal form off. It is not fun and I want it all to be over sad

bjkmummy Sat 22-Mar-14 22:53:17

i made sure my daughter did her own views in her own writing and then LA asked for them to be done again by PP - she did it again in her own writing and still wrote the same kind of stuff. its all so draining isnt it? my dyslexia teacher tested her the other week and shes made no progress even with the specialist teaching but LA/school keep saying shes made good progress but given no evidence of it. im going to submit her homework book as well plus i have her books from year 1 where her writing is still the same. im just waiting for the ot report and salt report - im getting close to my final evidence deadline so need to crack on - just hope the reports come in in time. my LA finally gone quiet but know there will be a sting in the tail somewhere

Handywoman Sun 23-Mar-14 07:53:42

Nothing constructive to add just to say keep going, you are doing a fantastic job!!! I have a dd with dyslexia. School haven't the foggiest and I completely admire you, you are handling this brilliantly smile

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