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Has anyone used RethinkAutism for ABA?

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GrufalloEyes Sun 23-Feb-14 13:32:32

I have a 14 month old DS who I am desperately worried about. We are waiting to see a paediatrician but I don't know when the appointment will be or if anything useful can be done at this stage.

DS does not respond to his name, he makes barely any eye contact, he cannot follow simple instructions or seem to understand anything that is said to him. He doesn't look at me to request help or show me things. He scores 16 on the MCHAT at the moment (although it is supposed to start from 16 months so he has a bit of time to catch up).

His fine motor skills are good and I think his cognitive ability is fine. He can build towers, pull levers/push buttons to make toys work and is very interested in exploring his environment and the objects around him. He is particularly fond of radiators at the moment & seems to find them wherever we go. He likes to examine them carefully and turn the dials. He does say two words.

I do not know for certain that he will go on to be diagnosed with autism but I have been doing a lot of reading about the importance of early intervention. I don't want to sit watching and waiting while he gets worse (his eye contact has reduced noticeably over the last 5 months).

I keep reading about ABA & have just read the latest thread on here about it. We cannot afford a full time programme & DS is obviously too young to have 37 hours a week therapy. He still sleeps for several hours every afternoon!

I came across the RethinkAutism site. It promises a web based programme that can be done at home & planned around your child's individual needs. It is about 35 pounds a month if you sign up for three months. Has anyone heard of this or used it?

I have also started giving DS Behaviour Balance & fish oil recently. I've considered removing dairy & gluten from his diet but am reluctant to do that because of his age. Any information about this would be appreciated.

He does look in my direction & smile & babble at times & even comes to me for cuddles occasionally. This is done totally on his terms though, without direct eye contact, and he completely ignores me if he 'busy' doing his own thing. I feel like I am communicating with him through a glass wall and I am just so desperate to do something that will help me get through to him before he gets more behind in his development.

Sorry this has turned out to be quite long, I didn't mean it to be! Thank you to anyone who has read this far & who has any information that might help me.

salondon Sun 23-Feb-14 13:43:30

I did for a month and didn't find it useful. Somehow I learnt more by reading the Mary Barbara book and seeing my tutors. But that could be my experience.

zumbaleena Sun 23-Feb-14 13:51:26

Kids in USA are diagnosed very early I am v v glad you are watching out for your kid so early. Look for videos of infantile autism on internet if you can. I used rethink autism regularly fir my kid before I started a full vb program. I thought the website is super good. Esp if your kid is very young, it is the best website to start with and really cheap. Good luck.....i m extremely glad you are so clued in, so early.

GrufalloEyes Mon 24-Feb-14 14:23:59


Thank you for your replies, it is good to hear different points of view. I've found out that there is a free trial on the the website for a week so I am going to look at that & see if it seems suitable then.

zumbaleena - I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of early intervention in the U.S. I've watched videos at first.signs & got quite a lot of information from there. I'm glad you thought the Rethink website was good, I'm hoping I will find it useful for now with DS then I can look into ABA more if it is necessary as he gets bigger.

DS had a hearing test this morning and his hearing is fine. I knew that was the case anyway, as he turns for many sounds (keys jangling, running water etc) just not when we call his name. I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed though I was pinning my hopes on finding a reason for it. I thought that blocked ears would be a good outcome as that was something that could be fixed! Still got the vision test to go hough.

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