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Headsprout/ mimio feedback

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Cailinrua Sun 23-Feb-14 01:17:07

I posted here about 9-10 months ago about my oldest DS (autism, learning difficulties etc.) and his problems learning to read. We had been using Headsprout, on the advice of Mumsnetters but it didn't seem to be working for us. Once again I got brilliant advice from Moondog and others so I just wanted to let u all know that we are finally getting there with the reading.

On moondog's, starlight's etc. advice, we used all the supplementary materials! sprout cards, readers etc. And If he didn't get more than 90% we repeated it until he did. This seemed to build his confidence rather than frustrating him as I had worried about. We had to ask for programme to be rewinded twice and I thought we would never get to episode 40 but we did. From episode 40 something clicked and he is flying! He is keen to do his episodes daily now and we are now on 55. He called me out to read a passage out loud today onscreen and I cried!! He is actually reading at last and I swear at times I thought he would never do it. His school can't believe it, after 3 years of almost no reading progress with their methods. His ABA tutor has started to use it with another child to great results also as they could see how well it works to motivate etc.

Anyway, I'm waffling here but I just wanted to let everyone know that it definitely worked for us... Eventually!! Most of all I want to say a big thank you to everyone for the great advice.

nostoppingme Sun 23-Feb-14 03:38:48

Congratulations Cailinrua!

My 10 year old son started a school in September which was founded by the same person who is a co-founder of Headsprout.

Within weeks of starting school; he was picking up books and reading for pleasure. This is a child who could not read at all (severe dyslexia) even after years of having private specialist dyslexic tutoring. We will have parents' meeting in the next couple of weeks so looking forward to where he is at now. He has all the DYS and ASD.

Sorry not meant to hijack your post but thought there is a connection.

All the very best to you and your child :-)

moondog Sun 23-Feb-14 05:26:16

What wonderful news!!
If you do it right, you will see amazing progress. So happy for you! No stopping, who was that? Joe?

StarlightMcKingsThree Sun 23-Feb-14 07:42:57

Wow, that'd brilliant. I don't think my Ds would have ever learn to read if it wasn't for HS tbh.

It was a commitment and at times I wasn't sure and Ds definitely often needed additional reinforcement to what the programme provided but once he could finally read a bit (and finally got the Point of it) he became hugely motivated to get to the last episode.

Anyway, if you think it is a success with a child with additional needs just try putting a 5yr old NT child on it.......

Cailinrua Mon 24-Feb-14 21:15:30

Thanks everyone! It is just so lovely to experience a bit of success for a change and to see that something is actually helping him. It has definitely motivated not only him, but me! I feel so motivated now to keep going, to keep searching for new ways to help him learn.

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