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Has anyone sent their ASD child to a summer camp (non-residential?)

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Loueytb3 Tue 18-Feb-14 10:46:07

We've got a problem in the summer holidays - we are on holiday for 3 weeks and the day we come back, our lovely childminder goes off for the next 2.5 weeks, leaving us with no childcare. I haven't got enough holiday to take to cover the whole time so I've been looking into summer camps. There is one at a secondary school near us which is supposed to be good and could in theory take all three DCs (DS3 will be 3 by then). However, I am not sure whether they will take DS1. He is in Yr 2 and attends an ASD unit in a MS school (in MS 80% of the time).

Does anyone have any experience of sending their child to one of these. I've had a look on their website and they say its rare they are unable to take a child (in relation to behavioural issues) but there is no specific mention of taking children with SN or ASD.

The holiday camp is Camp Beaumont.

bjkmummy Tue 18-Feb-14 11:00:06

I would speak to them - they may be able to put some additional support in place for him. I haven't sent my asd boy to camp Beaumont but my daughter has been and she had a fantastic time and I was pretty impressed with the staff. when my asd son was younger he did attend one locally and it was okay but he struggled because of his asd = the social side of it etc. your son will have his other siblings there as well which may help. I would deffo speak to them

CantQuiteBelieveIt Tue 18-Feb-14 11:09:40

I have sent ds1 (7) to Barracudas summer/ easter camp with his older sister for 3 years now. He goes for a full week, and they supply a one to one for him.

They apply for funding for the LA on my behalf to cover the costs of the one to one, and I pay the camp fees. There is a grant available specifically for this purpose, and Barracudas found it a very smooth process sorting it all out. I assume other camps can access the same funding pot.

My son has the same right to access mainstream provision, he just needs extra support, and so far it has been great for him. Now that he has been going for a while the staff all know him, and he has become used to the setting.

Loueytb3 Tue 18-Feb-14 11:17:26

That's interesting CantQuiteBelieveIt - hadn't thought of that possibility

bjkmummy - thankyou - I'm glad you thought it was good. My DS is not bad socially, but can get a little silly if tired/bored. He will have his brothers there but also potentially a child who goes to Beaver's with him. I will speak to them, I just wanted to be prepared before I did.

JsOtherHalf Tue 18-Feb-14 11:35:11

Check with your local council. Ours can fund 1:1 staff for holiday club if necessary.
Different councils fund it through different departments, but ask the early years service first.

bjkmummy Tue 18-Feb-14 11:53:55

check out your LA aiming high scheme - I get funding for 100 hours a year 1;1 for my boys - they access mencap playschemes and I use the hours for this. your area may have some form of summer playscheme. most mainstream playschemes are now very much geared for SEN children and have become much more aware over the last few years and good at inclusion. im sure your child wont have been the only child with ASD that they will have had at the scheme before - it is nerve wracking though! I find its me that worries and the kids just breeze through it as I over think every little thing that could go wrong !

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