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Groan!!!!! Moan!!!!

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RinkyDinkyDoo Sat 15-Feb-14 07:02:47

We asked DS's school (assessment centre) for his Pscales in October, as he needed P8 to go to our preferred school in Sept.
We got an email stating P6/7 in all the areas.
We got the EP's report in November, who after talking with the class teacher, had written in her report that DS was working at P5/6 in all areas.
After the annual review, we've now had his proposal to amend for his statement, which contains another report from his school, which states P4 for his attainment levels.
The school phoned on Thursday to say DS had fallen and had a graze on his lip, so I mentioned the P4 to his teacher. She said the whole centre had Ben told to amend their Pscales, as they need to reflect independent working, not with some support. She added that she'd send home DS's new Pscales.
2 post it's came home with Ds: DS is secure P4 in all areas, said one. DS is now working within the level above, said the second post it.

I haven't the strength to talk this through with them AGAIN, but Luckily DH is very annoyed and he said he's going to phone them on Monday to find out why their assessments are all over the show, but mainly reflect DS regressing OR a teacher who has no idea how to assess.


Handywoman Sat 15-Feb-14 07:28:18

Feckwits indeed. Glad your DH is taking on this particular task.

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