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Always told not to bother getting a statement by school but DS sliding...

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MyFabulousBoys Fri 14-Feb-14 07:15:45

School have a long history of denying DS's problems and blaming me/him/immaturity/naughtiness/TV/the moon etc etc. Turns out he had ADHD, ODD, tic disorder and hypermobility, oh, and possible dyspraxia but we are waiting on an OT appointment.

They have alwasy said there was no point trying to get a statement as it would just be refused. DS was heading quickly towards exclusion last year due to some shocking management and teacher that really didn't like him or believed in his problems. DS was diagnosed by this time btw. IN every meeting they said he was making good progress in his work despite our doubts and he was in the top half of the class. Turns out this is nonsense, he didn't make any progress for the year and I think his levels were inflated to keep us off their backs.

We pulled in Parent partnership and demanded 1-2-1 for maths and literacy as he struggles hugely with them. he is year 4.His reading levels are 1 year ahead, comprehension 2 years ahead but literacy the 2 years behind. His teacher this year is fab but put him in ability appropriate groups (close to the bottom) and he copes much better in class but the level of maths and literacy support they made noises about just doesn't occur and as the demands increase, it seems he slowly slips down the class. If any part of his routine and support structure changes - teacher not there, friends not there, his behaviour goes back to being disruptive and unable to cope well. It is a very fragile balance but I think the school (head, not class teacher) have got very complacent. They seem to think him sorted out now, not realising his needs are on-going. they don't give a toss that he is in no way achieving his potential or that as demands increase his achievements decrease. I think senior school will finish him off - the changing teachers, the size, the distracitons, the pressure.

Is there any point in applying for a statement right now? I think he needs more 1-2-1 and want his support set in stone before the pressures increase. WIthout his current level things get very bad indeed behaviourwise. With the current level he maintains academic level. With the promised level (3 maths 1-2-1 a week) he would make an improvement. I dont want anything fancy just the chance for him to fulfill his potnential.

I am angry I have let it get this late in teh day but I was waiting to hear from the EP - school were asking her. They got back to me last week she said don't' bother no chance. But they said that about diagnosis and an OT appointment. And I got those.

Sorry it is long adn sorry for typos/ Kid on lap

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 14-Feb-14 07:44:45

Yes I would apply for a statement and asap too before these are withdrawn.

As you have all too clearly seen you are his best - and only - advocate here. The school have and are failing him here by being as obtuse as they have been. It was never up to them to state as they did; the decision to statement or otherwise is made by the LEA. Even with a statement in place they would likely not want to help him more so I would also look at other schools now.

"We pulled in Parent partnership and demanded 1-2-1 for maths and literacy as he struggles hugely with them"

How did you get on with PP, did they advise you at that time to apply for a statement?. Or did they play their usual role here as LEA pawns?.

IPSEA's website has model letters on it you can use. I would also suggest you get yourself a copy too of the SEN Code of Practice available online.

LadyKooKoo Fri 14-Feb-14 16:20:03

Re the previous post about getting a statement in before they are withdrawn. Statements are being abolished in September so any child who has one will be reviewed and put on an EHCP (Education, Health & Care Plan). The time scale for statements is 26 weeks so by the time you had one in place, it would be time to abolish it and they would then be reviewing your DC for an EHCP.

Ineedmorepatience Fri 14-Feb-14 16:27:57

Its not going to hapoen overnight though lady My LA have said that they will begin to write EHCP's from September and will also begin the process of swapping over statements.

OP carry on and request a statutory assessment and get the ball rolling it is not your problem that the system is changing.

Good luck smile

LadyKooKoo Fri 14-Feb-14 19:23:57

My DD is part of a pilot scheme for the EHCP and I was at a workshop last Friday about the personal budget aspect of it and we were told at that that every LA in the country is at varying stages of implementing EHCP's. Solihull for example is only doing EHCP's now and no statements at all. OP my advice would be to find out what stage your LA is at with bringing in the EHCP and if they are running a pilot ask to be part of it. My DD has seen far more people then she ever would have seen if we had gone down the statement route.

AliceinWinterWonderland Fri 14-Feb-14 19:50:43

Yes, apply for statement now, while they're still doing them. If it ends up being swapped over to EHCP, no worries, but at least you're making progress in the meantime.

Make sure you get everything in writing. Paper trails are your friend!! And that includes discussions with the school - follow it all up with an email or letter summarising the discussion, as confirmation. Each and every time.

nennypops Sun 16-Feb-14 12:24:11

LAs providing EHCPs are supposed to offer statements as well, because you can't appeal against the contents of an EHCP, nor can you enforce what's in it.

When the new law comes into force they are saying there will be a three year changeover period, so the likelihood is that anyone getting a new statement now probably won't move to an EHCP for a long time unless the statement needs to be amended anyway, e.g. on moving into secondary school. However, IPSEA are pointing out that it's highly unlikely that LAs will meet the three year deadline because each new EHCP will need full social and health assessments plus an up to date education assessment, and there just aren't enough EPs around.

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