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Sen officers letter about applying for SA

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Skylar123 Thu 13-Feb-14 23:21:12

I have a letter since applying for sA on Monday from sen office saying thank you for request etc.
It says to help with this info will be requested from all those concerned with Ds's education.if I have any other reports or info I should send it to them within two weeks.

The decision to assess will be based on full range of info made available.

So, is this what usually happens ?

Should I get a copy of my Ds attendance report from school and send it to them as it's pretty schocking. I wasn't going to send anything else at this stage I was going to wait till tribunal and book in Indi ed phys , salt, send the access to info letter, etc beforehand.

Please advise I haven't a clue what I am going here and this is only the bog standard beginning!

claw2 Thu 13-Feb-14 23:27:28

Hi Sky, its just the standard letter acknowledging your request. They have 6 weeks to either agree to assess or refuse.

claw2 Thu 13-Feb-14 23:32:09

They should request a copy of your ds's attendance record from school and also ask for advice from anyone you have asked them to, as well as advice from school.

Skylar123 Thu 13-Feb-14 23:51:24

Cool thanks Claw smile

OneInEight Fri 14-Feb-14 06:27:19

We sent in as much evidence as we could at this stage - there was quite a lot (the largest file they had seen apparently!!!!). This included a detailed explanation of why I thought they needed a statement (about 10 pages) - we were applying on social and behaviour difficulties. We had got the school record from school so included every last thing we could find that documented the behaviour. In your case the attendance record is absolutely vital so get this without delay and do not assume the school will send it in. You could always try and convert it to a different format so it shows the days missed more clearly. We included any reports that we had received - we had a fair few by this stage as school had already called in SALT and the EP and any letters we received from CAMHS etc detailing the problems and likely diagnosis. You really want to avoid tribunal if at all possible and your best chance of doing this is to supply as much information evidencing your son's problems now.

Skylar123 Sun 16-Feb-14 12:23:59

Thank you.

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