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Starting school sorry long post

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hoymoon Wed 12-Feb-14 22:19:34

Hello I don't normally post on here but I am so confused about statements. I understand you need a statement if the school can't meet your child's needs, but how do you know if they haven't started school yet?? My little girl will be starting school in September she will just be four so one of the youngest. She has had epilepsy since 6 months and on average has a seizure a month, we get high rate dla as she needs watching at all times. Developmentally she confuses me, some days she is very sociable and talks lots but mainly echolailia and lots of repetitive topics, some days her language is awful. She can answer simple questions but struggles with more complex language and can't express her needs or tell me she needs the toilet so still in nappies. We had ed psych appt this week who just said yes she is delayed but didn't provide any more info. Speech therapy say she can talk so not that interested in the fact it is echolailia! I want to get a statement for her, mainly for support at lunch time and breaks as it terrifies me that she can't communicate her needs and needs to be watched at all times. How do I prove the school can't meet her needs if she hasn't even started yet?? Sorry for rant, the thought of sending her in with no support is giving me sleepless nights! Xx

wetaugust Wed 12-Feb-14 23:28:14


There should be a Early Years Special Educational Needs Coordinator at her nursery school who should be helping you. If no one has applied for a Statement for her then you can do so yourself. This website has an example of the sort of letter you need to write to ask for a statutory assessment that may lead to a Statement.

But you need to do it now because time is running out to get support in place and because Statements will soon be abolished and replaced with something else. Don't be put off if your nursery people tell you she doesn't need a Statement / theres no monet for Statements etc or all the other excuses they may use to try to put you off.

The only way to see fully what help she needs is to ask for an assessment for a possible Statement.

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